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Empress Nino

[Open Frequency] Hostages at Green Mountain

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*Tucker ponders as to if he should makes this transmission. He decides to transmit. He presses the PTT with one hand, and lights the cigarette dangling in this lips with the other*


*the wind is too strong to light this way, so Tucker releases the PTT, and uses both hands to light his cigarette. He picks his radio back up and begins to transmit again*

"I don't know who you are, but I wanted to apologize for my inability to assist against your captors. Today at green mountain was not the time, nor was it the place for me to get involved against your captors in the United States Armed Forces. Not only is transmission for those hostages, but it is for all the people that reside in the Chenarus wasteland."

*Tucker takes a long drag of his cigarette and continues*

"Those who call themselves the United States Armed Forces don't truly care about the people. All they care about is perpetuating the old worlds misguided pratice of involving themselves in things that don't concern them. This will eventually end badly for them. They are already getting involved where they don't belong. From my point of view, they were taking hostages of innocent people. Oh you should have heard their cries for help. Is this really the image you wish to perpetuate? You lot won't last another month at this rate."

*Tucker takes another drag and continues once again*

"In this world, the most important things are strength and trust. Remember this."

*Tucker takes one last drag of his cigarette and releases the PTT. Tucker sits still of a moment to ponder the events of the day, as well as the last week. How did he miss the signs?*

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*He attempts to show people the truth of Tucker, The Princep...*

"If we were the bad guys, why would YOUR people leave YOU! Listen man, we were fine, but you tried to attack us today then ran away. I'd like you to know that the hostages were taken because they were suspected to have killed three of our guys and one suspected Chedaki, YOUR enemy. I knew, trust me I did, that they shot our men, but there wasn't enough proof and evidence and we as a group are reasonable... We let them go with NOTHING taken or any harm!! I'm just trying to bring justice and safety for others, that's what we do. You see the difference between us, our ideals and our groups: What you're doing is to benefit yourself, what we're doing is to benefit others. Three men died last night to try and help others, and they were USAF. There ain't no rules anymore and I coulda killed the guy we had hostage just to be safe, but I'm actually keeping our ways an ideals, not tryin to create some New Order to enslave people and keep me on top. If other people want a good source here, I'll inform two of our guys to respond on this transmission, both of which left this man, Tucker, to join us for the greater good, and it wasn't even in any hostile attempt, only to form a stronger group that has one general principle: Help others. This is Captain Frank Thompson of the United States Armed Forces Marine Detachment, signing off... For now."

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*Tucker hits the PTT in anger.*

"If you thought that was an attack you are clearly not intelligent enough to determine someones guilt... What I have in store is so much more than an 'attack'. What happened today was nothing more than a warning shot across your bow. You also clearly don't understand what I was trying to accomplish in this world. It wasn't some narcissistic attempt at a power grab, unlike what you filth perpetuate. You may think you are 'helping' people, but all you serve to do is to further destabilize an already destabilized region, and with it, you believe you are altruistic. You are actually feeding some selfish part of yourself, and by 'helping' you do nothing but feed your own egos. I, on the other hand actually wanted to help people... My people. I had no interest in any egotistic end game. You truly never understood the word Princeps."

*Tucker releases the PTT*

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Upon hearing the transmissions Joey decides to chime in and poke the fire for a bit. He presses the button down, puts his best Chernarussian accent on and starts talking;

"Dogpigs, foreign scum, you fiflthy foreigners. Why don't you leave and go pollute your own country. We do not want you here. Glory to the Volki and death to its prey."

Joey releases the button and starts laughing, it's been a while since he had so much fun. He sets his radio to scan, packs his stuff and wanders off again.

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