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In Pursuit of A New Me

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                                                                                          "The Beginning"

Hawk, back on the wall of a hunting stand was pondering about his past in anger and confusion. "Why? Why was I awoken into this hell? Can't I just be told? Why do I have to live through this!?" Hawk thought to himself in a very irate state.

Hawk began to bang his head against the wooden wall of the hunting stand as he begins to sob. "I've done nothing wrong to deserve this," he thought to himself, "Waking up and not being able to not remember anything? Why? Why!? And, just shortly after I woke up and start to get these---FUCKING DREAMS THAT HAVE BEEN MAKING MY LIFE MORE OF A LIVING HELL!" he cogitated.

Hawk begins to perceive the words of Kat when he was in the middle of a suicide attempt, "Hawk, you have to forget your past, look towards the future." Hawk wipes his eye of tears with his black bandanna face mask and replies to himself, "She's right. It's time for me to forget what has happened to me, for that will come back to me and it will pass. What I need to focus on, is what's ahead of me, not what's behind me. For I am no longer Hawk, my name---is Blake!" Hawk, now Blake swift glares to his left and picks up his Winchester Model 70 from the barrel and stands up, "I will find the new me," Blake claims out loud to himself as he jumps off of the hunting stand.

Note: Please, do give some feedback on this. I don't mind what kind. Anyway, thanks for reading this new post.

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