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Captain Jacks story so far.

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My name is Sid Jack. you may call me Captain Jack.

Before I was a Survivor I was a Survivalist. thats more than most of the other people I meet nowadays can say about themselves. not that I meet alot of people. if I wouldnt have been a Survivalist I propably would be long dead by now. and I dont mean "zombie dead" or "zombiebefied" or whatever. I mean plain dead. and now I m gonna tell you why.

as survivalist I like to test my limits. as a survivalist I like to live in the nature. as a survivalist I dont meet alot of people with the same interests. all things that were considered weird by other people. dont get me wrong. they were always people who loved nature. there were always people who loved testing their limits. I just never met anyone who did it like me. if I say live in the nature and test my limits, I mean going deep into the woods with nothing. some pants, a shirt and maby a bandana to cover my head or use as a pillow at night. I dont use backpacks, for the most part because I like to be minimalistic. and maby because I m too lazy, but I m never gonna say that out loud.

as I grew up in germany I never had problems finding some nature to live in, but after some time it just got too easy for me. I just wanted to be challanged. thats when i started planning my trip into nowhere. I mean literally nowhere. do you know what area of the former soviet republic is populated? not alot I can tell you. as minimalistic as I am all I went into the plane with was my pants, a shirt and my fellow bandana as a pillow.

what happened next was either a godsend or a punishment. I dont know if I m supposed to be happy about it or not. long story short, my plane crashed. into nowhere. I mean literally nowhere. at first I couldnt find any houses or anything. I just lived in the woods, feeding off apples, berrys and maby the occasional deer. when I first found a house it was empty. No, I didnt start living in it. remember? I m trying to survive without any civilization here. I still set up my camp kinda close to the house to see if the owner comes back and can atleast tell me where the freak I am. I dont know how long I waited. maby a year? maby 10? maby just 2 months? I didnt even bring a watch so I really lost my basic feeling for time.

one night I saw lights and people talking. I watched them. they laughed, they ate, and they told storys. storys about zombies. I dont know why anyone would tell storys about zombies at night, I m not a big fan of horrow storys, especially not at night when I m trying to sleep. after watching them for about 2 days, I wanted to approach them and ask them where I am, why they were carrying guns and other questions. I walked towards them and they immideatly grabbed their guns and asked me if I was friendly. I replied of course I m friendly, what else could I be. they slowly lowered their weapons as they saw I just had damaged pants and a badly damaged shirt (life is rough in the woods), and started to ask me how I m still alive without any equipment to kill the "zeds" with. I didnt understand what they meant. when I asked them they just stared at me. I wish I d know what was going on in their heads. and then they said it. "we mean zombies". "zombies?" I asked, "what do you mean by zombies?". apparently they were actually talking about zombies. at first I thought they were playing with me, and just wanted to tell me one of their spooky zombiestorys they keep telling eachother about, but then one of them told me to follow him because he wanted to show me something.

I followed and what I saw almost gave me a shock. he showed me a human in handcuffs. well I dont know if he was still human, but he certeinly once was. it was a literal zombie. like those in those movies I never liked to watch. I just ran back to the other guys and sat by the fire for a good hour before I started talking again. I finally found out where I was. Chernarus. a small country I never heard about. I asked them when the zombieoutbreak was and they told me for some time now, but they could tell me for sure either because they kinda lost track of time too.

after a week they had to get going. they asked me to join them but I kinda felt like staying in the woods for some time because apparently thats a good way to avoid zombies. I mean I never saw a single one yet. they gave me some water and a can of bacon and told me one last thing that frightened me even more than the zombie I saw before. "in this world, you dont fear the zombies, zombies are stupid. you fear people. people are smart, people are desparate. maby you think zombies are scary because they eat people. well I can tell you son, in this world, people eat people."

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