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Let's Bury the Hatchet [Common Frequency]

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After finishing his notes up for the night, Mickey leaned back in his chair and began to ponder about the future of him and his people. For the moment things were slow and they weren’t in any danger of being disturbed, but soon they will be rehabilitating their own subjects and the enablers those subjects belonged to won’t be happy with Mickey and his associates, not one bit. Still pondering on this Mickey got up from his chair, stepped outside of his office and gazed down the barren hallway. Only the light of the moon and stars shining in from the windows was making his surroundings visible, he slowly began to walk towards the exit, looking into each of the empty rooms of the clinic without stopping once.

As Mickey reached the double doors at the end of the hall he reached his hand out to push one of the doors open, but stopped himself when a sudden thought popped into his head. There was also the issue of him no longer being able to safely study his subjects anymore without a disguise. He was banished from Dolina, which was an invaluable spot for studying them up close. When he thought of why he was no longer welcome there, the image of a woman popped into his head; Alyssa Morgan.

The Queen of Enablers and also the so called “Dean” of Alcyone; thinking of her made Mickey shove the door in front of him wide open with anger. Stepping outside he took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled out to calm himself. Thinking back to Miss Pixie’s broadcast for a moment, he walked over to the gate and made sure it was unlocked for her, just in case. He stayed by the gate for a while, looking around, making sure no one was watching. Mickey couldn’t shake the thought of Alyssa, Alcyone, and Dolina from his head; he needed to start studying them again. There was also the donations, all the donations he’s passed over because of this feud. Things needed to change, yet, with Mickey’s most recent broadcast towards Alyssa, he decided to make threats on her faculty and students; so now there was no way he would be able to step foot on her campus without some disguise. Even then he wouldn’t be able to collect donations from any of the travelers that pass by there due to the fact he can’t let his Red Cross background be known either.

Clawing at the back of his neck, almost drawing blood, Mickey was able to come up with a possible, although not at all fool proof plan. He went back into his clinic and stepped back into his office to grab his radio. Taking a minute to organize his thoughts, Mickey then squeezed down on the transmit button and began to speak into the small hand-held device.

“Ahem, Well, I never thought I’d actually be doing this, but here goes nothing I suppose. This broadcast is directed towards one Alyssa Morgan, the apparent 'Dean' of Alcyone and Queen of Enab - ahem, never mind.  I’m requesting that we meet in person and try and work something between us out, before too much blood is so carelessly wasted.  

I would like to say, if you’re willing to forgive me for my little angry outburst from before, I’m willing to forgive and forget all the rude and downright hurtful things your staff have said and done to me and my people. I’ll even forgive that Mister, oh what did he say his name was? Mister Whiner, was it? Close enough.  I’ll forgive him for all the traumatic memories he brought up with my associate Miss Charlotte during our last little encounter.

If you are willing to hear me out on this offer, I can offer a more secure frequency for us to iron out all the important details for our little get together. Although, knowing how you like to maintain control over everything, I’m willing to let you provide the frequency if you so wish. Really, either way doesn’t matter to me, as long as you don’t keep me waiting. I am a busy man after all and I’m sure your schedule doesn’t have too many free slots in it as well.

Well, I’ll be awaiting your response Miss Morgan, as for now, well… Toodle-oo!”

Carrying his radio with him to his room, Mickey, as he does every night, went up one by one to the doors of his sleeping associates, pressing his ear against them. After confirming they’re all asleep, Mickey went into his personal room and laid down onto his bed, keeping the radio on the pillow next to him, while staring at the ceiling thinking about what he just did, and what he actually plans to do if they decide to meet. As they say "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

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