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Creating New Life - All Frequencies

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Casandra looked down to what seemed like a walkie-talkie (radio), the wind blowing her hair rapidly throughout the time she gazed off into the fields. Staring at the remaining cows left chewing the forages such as the dying out grass and silages. Her eyes narrowed to the thought of the animals unable to get the correct diet needed to build up their Metabolic energy. It was essential for the cows to have certain proteins in their diets as it would enable cells to function, aid production of antibodies for the immune system and other certain ways to aid the Cow. She sighed with a frustrated disappointment. Her passion, her work, her life study all crumbling away in front of her eyes. She clicked down on the button capturing the voice of the mid 30's stereotypical British accent. Her lips parted to speak in such a formal tone:

"Hello, you may not know me as I may not know of you but I am currently observing the field of under nourished cattle. Dairy and meat cattle. There abnormal behaviour is common for the situations that they have been reduced into living in."

She paused, sighing again with a heavy heart.

"I should know this. I, myself, am a veterinary surgeon who was on vacation with my husband until he shortly.... passed. So to say the least."

Casandra shuck her head and tried to get back onto her topic.

"Any way my idea, and hopefully those whom are willingly enough to put this hard work at bay will receive a decent outcome from what I imagine is to round up the cattle and create a breeding area. An area which we can round up animals of all sorts from livestock to your average pets. Poultry, cattle, cats, dogs. You name it. I have observed the future of these cattle and I believe they have a large percentage of being saved with the right diet, care and of course tender loving care...."

She squinted down the field.

"If you are so to say, willing enough to help me create a new future then please contact me. My radio will be on of course. Until... the battery dies out. Until then, goodnight and stay safe."

She slipped the radio into the back pocket of her cargo pants. And continued to observe the cows, collecting up an ethogram of their normal and abnormal behaviour every 30 seconds.

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*After hearing nothing from other members of the Vigil, Donny grabs his radio and prepares his response*

This is Donny Buscemi.  I am currently speaking on behalf of The Vigil.

This transmission is describing just what we wish to see in the coming months and I wish to offer a form of assistance.

Personally, I will not be able to meet you in person, as I am currently in a predicament, but I do have a frequency that we may be able to communicate on more directly and privately.  The frequency is 102.5, feel free to contact myself or Timmy Dedrick on this frequency if you wish to speak about this plan of yours.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for attempting to make the world a better place.

[align=left]*Donny places the radio down confidently beside the fire and continues to stare at it, glancing over his shoulder every once and a while*

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Thaddeus listens in and smiles,

"Well doc a friend of mine has a pet Lynx she has grown attached to him.  I don't know if you can do a check up or not but if you can maybe we can set something up.  Wouldn't want our little friend getting sick on us, my 'friend' wouldn't like that at all.  I gotta talk with him first, but I'm sure we shall be in touch."

He lowers the radio and walks off into the night.

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*Stretching a bit, Dente transmits*

"I don't suppose you cant fix people sickness too?"

*He says sarcastically *

"Jokes aside, my names Dente figured I would put my two cents in while i'm sitting on my ass waiting for this cold to wear off"

*He pauses sniffling a bit*

"Even though i'm not much of an animal person, I like the thought and if I bump into you I ushally got nothing to do. Soo.. I guess Ill help when I can, I need to do more good things."

*He laughs lightly coughing a couple times*

"Allright.. see you later."

"The transmission ends*

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Casandra crossed her arms and stood up whilst searching the veterinary. She shuck her head. Most of these where out of date and needed to be renewed. She searched through cabinets and cracked a smile, finally. Sterile syringes, euthanasia injection, antibiotic injections. She listened closely to those.

"May I ask what is the issue with Lynx I assume the animal is called? Is there coughing? Sneezing? Minor yet noticable limping?"

She overheard the male whom joked about it but due to her job she barely had time for a social life until now and replied in a formal mannor.

"Unfortunately if I could I would help you but due to myself being fitted for animal work I don't believe I could or would be confident treating human anatomy. Even though you can have the valid arguement of myself treating amphibians, reptiles, canines etc etc I doubt I would be able to recognise sickness as I would with animals."

She accidentally knocked a vile off of the cabinet shelf, swearing 'shit' to herself. 

"Ok I gotta pop before those... Unsavable charge at me...."

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Miss, this idea has been pursued before, but the herds continue to move away from the designated areas and we are unsure if the infection has spread to animal life forms as well... it seems to have affected the wildlife in some manner be direct or indirectly.... never the less we perhaps will share the scientific research from our investigation if need be.

in short approach with extreme caution...bullets arnt' the only things that can wound or kill..

*static ensues*XXxxXXxx

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Thaddeus chuckles and shakes his head,

"Nothing like that Doc, I just figured for my 'friends' sake the damn thing should be looked at.  He has grown rather attached to the thing and I wouldn't want something preventable with a simple check up to happen.  The animal seems fine, but I'm not vet."

He lowered the radio and sighed.  "Now I have to walk and find Jack and his orange uniform." He shrugs, "How hard is it to find a pumpkin?"

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