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[Common Channels] Goodbye my friends

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Alec turns on his radio and begins to gaze at the pale green light shining through the leaves of the forest canopy overhead. He slowly begins his transmission. 

"I am an Archer and will forever be, but it is taking a toll on me living in this world. I hung around Dolina for a while but every day got worse. There are no animals inland for me to hunt and I am barely living my life day to day on the occasional scraps. I have decided it is time for me to hunt elsewhere. I am moving into the forests in the far northwest and do not plan on emerging for a while. I will hunt and live off the land and hopefully be able to lay low for a while without the bandits coming and stealing my pants. To those of you I met at Dolina, I must say I enjoyed your company. I may return for one day but for now, I belong to the forest. This will be my last transmission. Alec McSmooth, signing out."

Alec places his radio on the forest floor and slowly begins to walk away into the forest leaving behind the cities and people he once knew.

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