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Donny Buscemi

[The Vigil] I may be gone for a while...

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*Sitting awake, staring at his radio waiting for another clue to Chief's location, Donny decides that it's time to contact his friend.  He tunes to 102.5 and begins transmitting*

Hello?  Timmy, Steven, Geo?  If any of you are awake, then please listen close.  Otherwise, I apologize for waking you.

As some of you may have heard, Chief has run into some... How do you say, problems.  I heard a familiar voice over the radio and asked a friend of mine if it was who I thought.  Sadly, to my disgust, it was... Sort of.

Nyleea has developed a type of, *struggles a moment seeking a word* problem, I guess.  Finnr says it's a complicated issue going on with her emotions, I say it's her going bat shit crazy.  Who can be sure.

Anyway, back to the point.  I was requested to help find Chief by Finnr.  I understand, it may not be the smartest thing to do, and I hate to bring news like this to you, Timmy and Geo, during such a special time, but I couldn't sit idly by and deal with the fact that if Chief died... Then it'd be partially my fault.

Finnr needs all the help that he can get, but with his methods a man here, Finnr, and I will be in hiding for some time.  We will not stop seeking Chief, and until this situation is resolved, it may not be safe to show Finnr's face around any of Chief's friends.

[align=left]*Donny sighs, walking around a fire now*

We will be safe here.  I don't want any of you to worry about me.  If anybody asks, I went to meet Daniel and assist him in getting back.  I will be in touch, ask if you need anything.

[align=left]*The transmission is ceased and Donny falls to the concrete, sitting next to the fire.  Awaiting a response on The Vigil's frequency*

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*Steven still hungover from Timmy's wedding wakes up to an annoying voice on the radio. After realizing it was Donny he picked up his radio and click in the button with his thumb*

Hey hard head, it's Cowboy here. I believe Geo and Timmy boy have just got back from their honeymoon and all is good. Do what ever you need to do ma brother and remember.... *Steven covers the radio before giving a loud cough* Just remember if you need any help whatsoever give me a shout alright bud? Anyway, good luck and I will keep you updated on anything important. Peace out bro.

*Steven puts down his radio before downing the remains of a beer bottle and getting up from under the pine tree he was laying under.*

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