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The Monsters We Made

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*The man sits at the type writer for a long time, Waiting, Watching his hand on his gun at all times till he realizes there is nothing around and its the paranoia getting to him. He then places the makarov on the table and sighs while opening a can of coke then he begins to type.*

"To all my fellow survivors please head my words for if your lucky they wont be your last. I am a surgeon or a doctor as you will and my job is to make sure people stay alive now at first it was just a cough here and a bullet here but now instead its im missing a limb here and im bleeding out from being shot by a guy with a ak. Enough is enough what are we humans or monsters sure the situation is bad and we all had to kill but this is getting out of hand, killing someone over a can of beans and a can opener cannot go unnoticed its inhuman to kill someone for something you don't have and yet we do it anyway you know why cause we are greedy selfish and above all assholes who don't know how to fend for themselves instead we prey on the weak and innocent hoping they will have the item of which we desire and you prey and pry and kill, mangle and destroy till there is nothing but a single atom of them that can be recognized." 

*He sits there and begins to ponder in deep thought only to hear a cracking sound outside of his door.*

"Who's there ... please if you need something just ask ill gladly give it to you." * he then grabs his pistol and walks carefully towards the door.*

"my my my uncle dont you think its a bit harsh telling me to PISS OFF!" * he shoves the knife trough the door almost stabbing jimmy in the face, he then continues to walk in and taunt his uncle and start to slash and stab at him only to cut his stomach and his shoulder* "oh look all of your blood is on my blade i hope you and that angel of yours goes straight to h...."

*Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang....Click* "I wasn't done typing you little brat."

*he then walks over to the type writer and continues with his message*

" the moral of the story is to try and not kill everyone just to try and preserve the human race for we are all monsters in our own way. hell i just met one today and with that i bid you good day and to be safe out there for which ever end of the gun you are on i hope the man or women behind it will spare you and show you some form of kindness like i have to so many of you."

*he takes it out of the type writer and leaves it at the grocery store in dolina for someone to find and hopefully spread the message*


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