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[ Open Frequency ] Farewell USAF.

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* Russell  slowly pulls out his radio and turns it on & whispers *

Hey Roy, and all other USAF Members,

I want you know, you have all been a family to me, even if it meant being shot in the chest, just to be of service.

I am in some woods, Not sure where I am, Managed to get a fire started, ha, never thought i was the camping type. But i decided to sleep the night without putting the fire out. Not the best choice. I decided to scout the area with my binoculars, all i saw was the massive horde of walkers, moving silently through the forest. 

So brothers, this will be my last transmission, And Mikey, little bro, if you're still alive, Look for a man named Roy Baker, He owes  me one. And Roy, I want you to take my brother into good care. 

* Russell spots a group of the wandering walkers * 

Well, its my time to go, Roy, I know you will take care of him. 

* Russell takes out his Winchester.* 




* Walkers can be heard in multiple directions, and the surround Russell, Russell gets taken down and can be heard screaming -

 Transmission ends *

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*Tucker grins and decides to respond, attempting to lower his voice, so it's not as easily identifiable*

"Don't worry old friend, I'll try and find him first"

*Tucker lights a cigarette and ends his transmission*

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*As Russell Stumbles upon an abandoned camp and finds a working radio He instantly grabs it and switches the Frequency to this one*

Hell- Hello, Anyone Out there?

Mike? You there?

Who ever gets hears this, I'm Lost.

Very Fucking lost..

Please Respond.

*He sits down around the torn down camp and begins to cook his squirrel*

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*As Bryce is laying back in his chair flipping around through frequency's, he stumbles upon someone talking about the USAF* 

*He appropriately responds*


*He lowers his radio and continues turning the knob listening in on chatter*

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