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JT Taylor broadcasting to all frequencies

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*JT, sitting in a room at the top floor of an apartment building somewhere in Severograd, stares blankly out into the grey waste of the city. He spots a few of the infected, and checks the chamber on his rifle, counting 3 shells left. He checks his pack for more ammo, but finds none that he may have misplaced. He rests his rifle up against a wall; thinking of all the people he has met and lost along the way. He removes his radio from his pack, and in his most desperate moment, calls out for help from his old friends*


*He sets the radio on a small end table in the room. Leaning with his elbow on a window seal, JT runs his hand, gently, across the bite on his right shoulder. Panic begins to overwhelm JT as he feels that the infection has spread, closer to his neck. He wonders if he'll turn into one of the dead heads outside before he gets to make amends. JT hangs his head low, with an eye on the window; listening to the wind wisp across the screened window. He knows he is running out of time, and eyes the rifle across the room; resting... waiting...*

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[align=left]*Hearing the familiar voice over his radio in such pain and distress, Buddy tosses his fishing rod aside and jumps to his feet, fumbling to find the talk button*


[align=left]*Buddy quickly gathers his belongings and starts to run, panting heavily*

[align=left]I'm coming for you JT, don't you worry. I'm not going to leave you there alone; I'm not going to leave you there to die...

[align=left]*He continues to pant heavily while trying to catching his breath as he runs through the wilderness*

[align=left]I failed your brother that day up on Green Mountain... I let him down; It was him who should have walked out of that complex alive and not me.

[align=left]*A tear starts to form in one eye as the memories of that day flood into his mind, quickly shutting them out and focusing on getting to his friend*

[align=left]I' can't bring Danny back to you, but I dammit I can sure as hell bring you back to people who care about you! I'm on my wa-

[align=left]*A loud thud could be heard as Buddy trips over a root running through the woods and slides down a hill uncontrollably, loosing his radio in the process*

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*Carl digs through his bag, quickly pulling out his radio as he listens to JT call out. His eyes grow heavy from sadness for what seems to be his only real remaining friend, slowly passing away. He sits there for a brief moment, trying to take in the message, not quite believing what is happening.*

"JT... First, I want you to know... That you are like the bigger brother that I never had. I never held a grudge against you. You protected us."

*His voice cracks several times as he speaks, obviously in great pain. Some static occurs as he enters a building. His footsteps echoed through the radio.*

"W-why didn't you tell me about this the other night?... We were together then. Why didn't you tell me?!"

*He throws his things down as he speaks through the radio. He crawls into a corner and starts to cry.* 

"I will... always... be here for you, JT."

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"Of all the times to hear this...."

There were four asking me questions, torturing me when they got bored, but now only two remained and they were listening intently to the wireless.

"Tell him you can bring help. Get his location."

But they didn't want to bring help. They wanted to scavenge, to play. I only stared up at them with a dirty smile for which I lost another tooth.

"We'll find him. There's only so many apartments in range of that walkie you've got."

"I hope you do. You'll get what you deserve and you'll never see it coming."

Then the lights went out in a blaze of stars, but not before one cuff had been moved past the first set of knuckles, unobserved.

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*JT hears a gentle, and familiar voice coming from the radio.* "Buddy?" *JT fumbles with the radio in his hands at the sound of his voice. Tears begin to fill his eyes, and a weak smile forms across his face*


*JT takes the rifle from resting on the wall and pulls a chair around to face the door. He takes a seat, loads the 3 remaining shells into his rifle, and keeps the barrel steady on the door.*

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*Carl starts to gather his things and sprints out of his building to the road. His face was red and his voice shakey* 

"JT, w-where the fuck a...are you? I'm coming, man! I'm coming! I can't lose you. Y-you're the only one I have left..." 

*His radio clicks off momentarily as he searches for his map, awaiting an answer. He makes sure to load his shotgun with the few shells he has and heads towards Berezino, remembering the frequently visited apartments there.* 

"Y-you can make it through this, JT. I know you can. You didn't disappoint me. I forgive you. Just don't leave me... Don't leave me here alone... I need you." 

*Shifting noises and swift footsteps abruptly stop as the transmission ends when he sticks his handheld radio on his belt*

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*Eddy cannot believe the voice he hears coming from his radio. He immediately stops everything to start listening to JT.*

*He then presses down the talk key*


*Eddy keeps his radio open to his private frequency in hopes to get a response*

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[align=justify]*Still able to hear JT's voice on his radio, Buddy frantically scrambles around on the ground to find it after having taken a fall down a steep hill; his clothing now covered in dirt, blood scrapes and filled with holes. He finally manages to find his radio as JT's voice begins to fade; but the fall must have damaged it somehow because it seemed his responding words continued to be unheard. Tears flooding from his eyes, he could only sit motionless on the cold wet ground and listen as his long lost best friend suffered in what seemed like his last few moments of life.*

[align=justify]*Buddy pulls himself to his feet once again and holds down his broadcast button*

[align=justify]"JT I know you're unlikely to be hearing this, but I'm still coming for you! You hold on dammit and I'm going to be there if it's the last thing that I do!"

[align=justify]*He grabs his bag once again and continues running down the dirt path towards Severograd as he tries talking confidence into himself*

[align=justify]"You hold on JT, I'm going to be there for you; Just like you were always there for me! I'm not going to lose you too.."

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