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Green Mountain (All frequencies)

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*Ricky clears his throat and begins to hold down the speak button on his radio*

Umm, hello. My name is Ricky Sea and I'm up on Green Mountain just looking for a good time but noone's here... If you also just want to have a good time just come up here. I am also trading small guns for those in need.

*Ricky releases the speak button and gets back to relaxing by the fire and glazing upon the stars*

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*Rel hears the transmission, reaches for his radio and begins to speak:*

Jesusa Christ, kid. Getta da fuk outta deh! That place issa graveyard onda best oh days! You wanna get fukkin eviscerated? Iffa you care forra your life, getta out of der and run! Fuck your little gun shop!

*Rel sighs, releases the button and ponders whether or not to go scavenge the would-be corpse later*

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*Ricky anwers the radio after a long delay*

I didn't see any problems with the place, met some nice people and hung out. What is these dangers you speak about?

*Ricky puts his radio back in his backpack and goes back to enjoying the sun*

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