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= Mr. Million Let's Talk = <All Frequencies>

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Chaostica    143

*pauses as she pulls the radio from her vest pocket and begins to transmit*

Alright Mr. Million, you wanted to speak with me, now that I'm done with my little task, although as fun as it was at the time, I do get bored quickly. I'll be waiting to speak with you on a private frequency to arrange a meeting.

*begins to hum softly to herself as she uses a booted foot to finish shoving the dead body of the last hunter off the small ridge of rocks she found him cowering behind, then she speaks again*

Remember if for one moment I even suspect you are connected to my former employer in any way.....then we have a problem.

*laughs softly and ends the transmission*

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Grime Stein    42

**A person nods as they listened. A grin overcoming their face. They place some voice changers on their radio.**

*Presses the transmission button*

"Glad to hear so Ms. Jill. I will call you on a encrypted frequency. Mr. Million out."

*Releases the transmission button.*

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