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Guest Ghostrider0207

To the Regulators (secured frequency)

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Guest Ghostrider0207   
Guest Ghostrider0207

*Artjom search his Radio in his backpack, lights a cigarett, turns the radio on and starts to talk*

Hello comrades,

i hope you hear me, its now the 3rd day in the forest....i cant find a way out of her..... i have no water and food anymore....

so its my last transmission... 

Tate , it was an honor to work with you, i will never forget the good times with you.......

Matthew my friend, we worked so much together.... we were like brothers... i will never forget u as Comrade, as a brother and as a friend....

*you hear artjom reloading his gun*

i did many bad things... i suppose that is meant by justice...

*you heared a gunshoot and static after the gunshoot

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