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Jack the Ripper

I Hold No Grudges [All Frequencies]

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*Stanley clutched his radio with both hands as he sits at his campfire, tryig to stay warm. After listening to the various frequencies, he finally decides to send out a message of his own. A thick British/Australian accent can be heard*

"Perhaps you remember my name, cause I sure as hell don't remember yours. This is Stanley, the bloke that wandered into Green Mountain, got captured, then woke up with several stab wounds in me gut. First of all, what the flyin' FUCK did you go ahead and do that for?! Yeah I get it, I'm a sarcastic bastard, but bleedin' hell, you don't 'ave to stab me over it!"

*Stanley lets out a gruff sigh and leans back against a rock, grumbling a few curses under his breath*

"Second of all.... Though I feel it was.... poorly justified, I hold no grudges. Like I vaguely remember on of you sayin' 'I'm a survivor.' And I know a tough group when I see one. Holdin' grudges only shortens me chances of surviving the next day. Matter of fact, I wouldn't mind aidin' you on yer next.... er.... endeavor. I'm defiantly no stranger to conducting such business."

*Stanley clears his throat and takes a swig from his canteen*

"Now, as for that bloke I met the other night, what was yer name.... Chief or somethin' along those lines. Glad to see you and yer group acted cautious when I popped me head in to say hello. You obviously know enough about this world to know that not everyone is a beam of fuckin' sunshine tryin' to brighten yer day.

We didn't exactly get a chance to finish our conversation, but perhaps you'd like to sit down again some time, 'ave a wee talk. Just send me a location on a closed frequency, and we'll 'ave another get-together."

*Stanley puts his radio  down beside his and lays down against the ground, trying to get some rest before the sun rises.*

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