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Skyrim Single Player RP

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So back quite a while ago I was watching series of a guy who was doing a Skyrim roleplay, and thought, hey why not give it a go.

(You can see the series playlist here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SepUm5SVFjc&list=PLvqxe4XbcSiFUJXGgj26Z5NTv4f-CBUth)

So I downloaded a couple mods, one for hunger and water, one for cold, and one for hunting. (My skyrim is ultra modded, I have alot of other ones but these are the 3 main ones for the RP I did.)

The first 2 are self explanatory, but the 3rd one just adds more realistic hunting, such as it takes time to dress the animal and skin it.

So I set of as a nord hunter in the mountains looking for snow bears. It is a surprisingly difficult thing to do, before I got there I stocked up on water and some food so it wouldn't be a problem if something went wrong (other than the fact its deadly freezing up there.) Because of the cold my character was forced to wear giant pelt clothes (like from game of thrones :3) and nearly always had to be next to a fire. This made hunting very difficult, but when I did find a bear I would use a bow on it. This is a very difficult task as anyone who plays the game knows how much health they have. Then I would put it on my horse and take it back to a big tent I had set up in a small inlet, sort of cave thing, with a fire outside. Then I would move the bear inside and skin it, and gather its resources.

Now most of the days I couldn't even find a bear so I just went to gathering snow wolf pelts instead (as they sell quite well if not ruined when you skin them.)

Then when I thought I had enough I would cart all the pelt and meat down to Riverwood to sell. I spent only a few days up there at a time, if that, as water ran low quite quickly.

This was quite a basic RP and was about a year ago now, but I had quite a blast doing it, and it just really immersed me in what it might be like to be in that situation. I really suggest if you are bored, to do a singleplayer Skryim RP.

If you have any questions/suggestions please do say!

Also if you are going to do it you should make sure to set yourself rules that you must follow, in singleplayer nobody will moderate you breaking rules but yourself.

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Sounds cool, might give it a go sometime :)

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Eh... I used to roleplay as a female vampire using a custom race when I played Skyrim. Usually a thief(and sometime-assassin) to get by. Couple mods to add more populated cities, Open City Skyrim, mods to burn and freeze bodies, Frostfall I think was one. Black Mage Armor mod, too. And a katana mod, for tantos.

Honestly wish I'd known how to make a quest-line to have gone with it, but maybe one day I'll give that a shot.

Was fun, to me. Did the civil war and main quest-lines before doing it, in order to have it so there was some established governance that I could target(I hate Stormcloaks, so they lose... always).

Named the fem vamp Raven Tepes, had a castle mod and an epic 'reclamation' battle for it, killing Dawnguard in order to do so while having a small undead army. Was an epic 'finale' type thing, really fun. Only problem: A random dragon decided to swoop in and wreak havoc on both sides, resulting in me having to do a showdown against it. Which, was fun in its own way, albeit crazy hectic. Good times, good times...

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