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Is Anyone There?

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*You hear static growing louder and louder until you hear a voice, very muffled but possible to understand*

"H--Hello? Is there someone out there? I've been alone for quite some time now and I can't seem to get a hold of anyone. I---I haven't seen anyone no matter where I go. I don't know how much longer I can take this loneliness."

*You hear the man on the radio sobbing a small bit*

"Please tell me someone out there is alive. I can't think to myself that I am the only one out here. I am running low on food and water and I'm on the brink of insanity. Please, I just need to hear a voice."

*You hear more sobbing just before the transmission ends*

"Whoever's out there---please help me. My name, is Blake "Hawk" LeBlanc. Please---help me, I beg you."

*You hear lots of static as Hawk releases the transmit button on his radio and sits in a corner sobbing*

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*With a sigh Dente begins to transmit*

"Err.. Greetings Mr. Blake was it? I cou-"

*He cuts himself off with a sharp cough*

"Sorry, im a bit under the weather right now.. Im pretty prone to colds and all that.. Anyway, on topic. There are in fact people over these magnificent airways that we call the radio." 

*He finishes with a bit of a sarcastic tone, followed by a laugh*

"There's a good amount over these frequencies and you do meet are very interesting people when you get a hold of them"

*He sneezes a couple times*

"Anyway, hold out I guess theres a fair amount of people alive. Though more die every day and all.. Oh, I forgot my names Dente. Nice to meet you"

*Dente yawns, stopping his transmission and eating some pasta*

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Jock listens to the sobbing voice on the radio with a heavy heart.... this person sounds truly at the end of his endurance, his voice cracking under the strain of enforced loneliness..

Cocking a quizzical eye to his imaginary guide Jock grunts... "Trap?"

His ephemeral friend returns a look of disdain... "Aye.... Trap."

"Fair enough me old Muckka" quips Jock and flicks the off switch on the radio.....

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*You hear a large amount of static as Hawk hits the transmission*

"Th--this radio is nearly dead. I don't know how much longer I have on it. But--"

*Hawk sniffles as the static grows*

"I'm glad people are still out there. I--zzzttttzzz--only person out here. Thank you."

*Hawk lets go of the transmission button as he looks at his fireplace, pondering.*

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"Do not fret Mr.Hawk, usually I and others reside near the north east, if you wish perhaps we may cross paths if your in emergency need of supplies...food and drink?......the...signa...is......"


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