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Survivor Diaries

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Iv had an idea to start a series of short survivor diaries that follow a different character with each story I add.

The Deserter



Pavel is my name. I use to be a proud CDF soldier, I use to play the guitar, I use to play with my dog. I miss my dog. Now I am a cowardly man that hides in the forest.

Its been a couple months since I deserted. Orders were to secure the hospital in Berezino but there was too many of those things. First they pushed over the barricade, then the barbwire and that was when I made my decision. I panicked and shot the glass making an opening for my escape, I remember my NCO screaming my name as I ran. I never even bothered to look back but I could hear the shots from the forest, once the shots stopped I figured that was the moment they ran out of ammo. I think to myself was it desertion or was it survival? About a week after I went back only to find some torn clothes, bullet casings and some left over medical supplies but no sign of my comrades and that is when I knew for sure they ran out of ammo. 

I'm going back today, every time I go back to that fucking hospital it tears me apart but it reminds me that I'm human. 

Here I am, think I will make camp in here, should be able to barricade the windows. 

Day four here in the hospital everything seems fine so far, managed to get some buckets of water from the well and cleaned up as much of the blood as I could but it wont wash away, there's not much blood upstairs so I guess I will just sleep there.

Fuck! Got shot at today, nicked in the leg. Some random assholes by the supermarket told me to drop my gun so I fucking ran! I managed to get back to the hospital and wrap it up but the bullets still in my leg and they are downstairs. I got a clear shot on the ladder behind the hospital I think I can hold out for the time being with my supplies.

Its been a few days, they finally left but my legs starting to go numb, cant clean it and I cant walk. The infected have tried making their way up the stairs and I'm running low on ammo.

A man came up the stairs today while I was sleeping but he woke me up, I could barely keep my gun trained on him. I begged for meds and help, he said he was a doctor, he came closer to look at my leg so I let my guard down, he grabbed my rifle then proceeded to hold me at gunpoint while he took my supplies. To weak to fight back I could only watch as he walked out with everything I owned. Now all I have from my old life is my tattered uniform and this shitty journal. 

As I lay here feeling more strength leaving me by the minute, I remember the man who robbed me and I now know he was one of the doctors I was supposed to protect when I deserted. I left him to die, seems only fair he do the same to me. I miss my dog...



Pavel sitting by his make shift camp after deserting.

More coming soon.

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Nice entry for Pavel, Deadplex lad.

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