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102.5 - Message to my brothers.

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*As Daniel walks along the trees he sits on a log and reaches for his radio, he says the following.*

Timmy? Donny? .... Cowboy? Is anyone there?

*Sighs and continues the transmission anyway.*

It's Daniel eh, I've heard that quite alot of shit has happened while I've been gone, something about the reapers and some fucktards who think it's funny to pretend to be us. Well I want to say that I'm ok at the moment and that I'm trying to get to you as fast as possible... I want to know what the fuck is going on at the moment, it seems as soon as I leave all hell breaks loose! *Laughs* Maybe I'm some sort of peacekeeper.

Let me know if you guys are ok and what's happening...

Daniel signing off...

*Daniel packs his supplies and strangely sprints towards chernaurus.*

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*Donny rests with his radio in his hands and his feet dangling off the dock, he presses the transmit button after hearing this transmission*

Daniel? Long time no see, eh? Well, I guess the easiest way to put all of this is "people fucked up." The Reapers decided to back stab us, this wouldn't have meant as much as it did if one of the degenerates didn't get handsy with Geo. Timmy wants some guy named Garret dead.

Speaking of Geo and Timmy, they are engaged. You are likely going to miss the ceremony though. It's happening fast.

*Donny chuckles at the thought of a peaceful marriage in the current world*

There are a few things that we will need to save until we are in a safe location and a more secure network as well, but that'll have to wait until you get here. No worries though, we'll keep Kara safe for you!

*Laughing a bit at the joke he just made, Donny lowers the radio volume and releases the transmission button, admiring the view he currently has*

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