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Donny Buscemi

[Common Frequency] Just a warning.

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*Donny sits up in his bed, unable to sleep after what he heard over the radio before falling asleep, reaching for his radio on the floor beside him and standing up.  Donny begins to pace around his room, pressing the transmit button, he sighs*

     This is Donny Buscemi, an active member of The Vigil.  The intention of this transmission is to inform all of the good people out there of a certain group claiming to be us.  I have been informed by a reliable source that a group has been wandering about wearing our white armbands and claiming to be members of The Vigil with the hopes of the poor soul to lower their guard and giving them a chance to take advantage of them.

     This is me, a true member of The Vigil, advising you to be alert when you are speaking to a group of "Vigil members" if they begin to encircle you, tail you, aggravate you, annoy you, disrespect you, or even look at you funny.  If you have doubts that a group of Vigil members are really what they say then feel free to confront them about it.  It will be obvious if the individuals are real and I will inform the rest of The Vigil to not take offense to this question.

     If you have any questions regarding what to do if you come in contact with an individual you believe to be an impersonator then feel free to ask away, I will answer as many questions as I can.

     If you happen to have information on who these impersonators might be, then please contact us by other means.  You may go through our known allies or us directly and just tell them that it is information for The Vigil.

[align=left]*He struggles for a few seconds, thinking if there is anymore to say.  Eventually letting loose another long sigh*

     Travel safely, and be cautious.  Thank you for listening.

[align=left]*Donny holds the radio close waiting for questions he can answer, still pacing to stay awake*

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