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The Unfortunate Happenings of Felix & Daniel Granger

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Day #1 in Chernarus; Air Cmdr Daniel Granger

First thing I remember is waking up on the coast, seeing some unknown landscape. After I had sorted my self, and collected my thoughts, I proceeded to realise that there were train tracks in front of me. Train tracks mean civilisation. I was faced with either going left or right, and I chose right as I thought I could see a building or something man made in the distance. It turned out to be a town, and as I entered I realised that the Infected were here also; how I do not yet know, but they are here, and they are everywhere, just like in Praslin.

After a few close calls with the odd straggler, I left the town and continued to follow the road, past a bigger town, and then a slightly smaller one, all the while keeping myself hidden in the trees. Just after the smaller town, I spotted what appeared to be an airfield, and I risked checking the Air Control Tower, where I found a very nice AK with Kobra Sight. I'm glad to have it, even if I've only ever had proper training with Pistols.

I very quickly left after hearing a few distant shots, and continued along in the trees, keeping the road in view on my right, with the coast not far behind. As I passed a petrol station, I heard bells and soon realised that there was a large town ahead, even a city perhaps. What worried me was that I was also hearing shots coming from that general direction.

I decided to quickly check some apartment buildings on the outskirts, but soon regretted it as I heard footsteps in the apartment building next to the one I was in. Luckily there was a ladder to the roof, which I climbed and laid on the roof as I watched a man run in, quickly checking the rooms and then leaving. After that close encounter with an armed civilian, I decided that I would head up towards the hill north of the city which I now know as Chernogorsk from the map I found.

I hoped that my brother Felix was still alive, and if he was he would follow our agreed meeting arrangements. We had always said we would meet near a big city, on a hill, preferably with some kind of landmark on it, and a hill outside Chernogorsk with a radio tower on it seemed perfect.

When I got to the top of the hill, I yelled out my half of our code word and waited for a response. I got one, the other half of the our code word. Felix was alive and I was incredibly relieved, but there was no time to catch up. We quickly ran further north to the next tree line where we then caught up.

Felix had woken up on the shore too, near another big town which he said wasn't too far away, Elektro-something. He had apparently run into somebody else who had agreed to take him to Chernogorsk to get supplies, but then he promptly lost track of Felix when they got there, so he did the smart thing and got the hell out of there.

For now, we're making camp and will hopefully get some rest, although morning is already upon us. We'll head off to our objective tomorrow.

Day #2 in Chernarus; Air Cmdr Daniel Granger

I awoke at our camp atop the tower of Zub Castle to find that Felix was nowhere to be seen. Panic set in and I began to yell out his name. From down the stairs I heard a man speak.

"Hello up there. I'm not this Felix that you're calling for, but I am friendly"

"Who are you? Have you seen my brother?"

"My name is Alex, and no, I haven't seen him. Was he here with you before?"

"Yes, but he's just disappeared"

"Do you know where he would have gone?"

"No idea. Why would he just leave like this. I guess it would be no good me searching for him as I don't know where he'd go, so I'll just wait here and see if he returns. You can stay too if you want. Company would be nice"

"Sure, I'll hang around for a while, but I really need to get going soon"

Turned out that Alex was from England also. He had been here doing research as an assistant for some important geologist, something to do with a new mineral they had discovered. He also told me that he had met a hunter or something like that who had taught him how to fend for himself and how to fire a rifle, hence the Lee Enfield on his back. Eventually this hunter had gone his own way and left Alex on his own. He had made his way to Chernogorsk to look for supplies, but then had decided to head north to look for a spot to camp. He had been passing when he heard me shouting for Felix.

After what was probably an hour, Alex said that it was best he go his own way, and I wished him good luck and told him that if he ever wanted to find me again, where he was to go to and that I would be making camp there, hopefully with Felix by my side. He wished me luck in finding my brother and then went down the stairs.

Alone again, still none the wiser as to why Felix was gone. I decided that I would stay here one more night as any chance of Felix returning was fading fast, and then first thing in the morning I would head out for where I had told Alex I planned to camp.

Day #3 in Chernarus; Air Cmdr Daniel Granger

I woke early as planned and gathered my things, heading off towards the north east. I crossed a few roads and then spotted some fire in the distance. Studying it carefully first, i slowly made my way over to it, only to notice more Infected there, but they seemed to pay me no heed; clearly their eyesight is not very good. It turned out to be a crashed US chopper, a Blackhawk from what I could tell in the dark. From there I managed to salvage an M16A4 with Aimpoint sight and some Camo Clothing. Very pleased with what I had found I continued my journey north east.

I paused quickly in a tree to check my map, when I heard the sound of a weapon behind me; automatic STANAG from what I could tell. I just assumed that somebody else had seen the fire and was trying to clear out the Infected, and as I was just about to turn around and try to help him, maybe find myself a traveling companion, or even Felix, I heard another weapon; an AK of some sort. The guns chorused and conversed with each other, until only the sound of one remained, an AK.

Deciding it best to get out of the area quickly, I ran across the next two fields, and only then did I feel it safe to stop and catch my breath.

//Day #3 in Chernarus continued later today :)

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Day #2 in Chernarus added to first post, and part of Day #3 in Chernaurs. Day #3 in Chernaurs concluded later today.

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