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Stories - Common Freq

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*With a yawn, Dente leans agesnt a wall, begining to transmit*


 *He attempts to say enthusiastically, followed by a cough*

"Ug.. Er, hello there whoever is within earshot of this. My name is Dente, some of you may know me.. 

*He takes a pause to sneeze*

Most have no idea who the fuck I am, sometimes I dont even know that.. Thats besides the point , recently I have caught a cold and I have found that im bored as hell. Therefore I decided to have a bit of a chat, I am hoping to learn a bit more about people and I thought it could be fun to share some stories everyone has, just to pass the time?"

*Dente takes a deep breath,coughing several times again*

" Fuck that one hurt a bit.. Anyway back on topic I was also hoping for this chat to be a thing were groups and... Somewhat morals were out the window.. Im trying to say im curious to hear about whatever. And if I feel up to it I might share some myslef. Hell even if you dont have stories to tell I could use the company.."

*Dente drops the radio next to him and ends the trandsmission hoping he gets someone to talk to*

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*Tucker curiously decides to respond*

"You want stories? I'll give you one from before hell froze over. It might even be helpful for my moral... Anyway when I was at University, the food I was served at the campus cafeteria was the most ungodly slop to ever exist on our earth, and I never learned how to cook when I was a child. Anyway, realizing that I was pretty much starving myself, my mother found a battered copy of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and gave it to me. It was by watching Julia on TV and reading her book that I learned how to cook. What I would give for a bottle of olive oil... ugh... Anyway I'm sorry if I made you hungry. It's funny, I love my American culture so much, yet I love French food. Hell I even love some Russian food! I'm a nationalistic nightmare sometimes... Great now you have gotten me wanting a nice coq au vin. Thanks jackass."

*Tucker laughs, lights a cigarette, and ends his transmission*

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Thaddeus sat near the shore of Komenka his eyes cast out across the water.  He felt the warm sun upon his cheeks and smiled as best he could.  He listened to the radio and a man asking about 'stories'.  Thaddeus lifted his radio and smiled,

'I have a funny story for you.  I once was wandering through Dolina heading deeper into the country side when I passed a house.  Inside this house I heard the very loud voice of some Asian man maybe Chinese dictating a communist manifesto for the 'New Age'.  Well turns out the person writing the manifesto was a slave.  I talked with them and got this very strange feeling as they left.  Some how despite my best effort I felt the need to stop them and ask the slave if he wanted his freedom.  Turned out the slave was a member of the Wolves so I told the man to let him go and as he parted the young man made a threat about finding the China man.  I learned that soon after they found him and well I got the feeling something bad happened to the man.  But hey The Wolves are nice people regardless.  That's all I got for now, who knows I might knee cap someone that would be a fun story.'

He lowered the radio being careful not to give his name.  Thaddeus had better stories, but they would get him killed.

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*Excited by the responses, Dente picks up his radio again*

"Very interesting!"

 *He coughs again, Taking a couple of vitamins*

"To the first man, having the skill of cooking must be great in a time like this.. You can make lots of friends like that, yeah?"

*He takes a breath, speaking again*

"And for the second man, odd you mention people like that talking about new worlds ages and stuff, I once knew a German man who attempted to do something like that. It was like, a party or club my memory fuzzy and all and I won't name names and all. Later he started some kind of slave camp a while after, never messed with me or anything. I mostly stayed out of it and try not to got involved. Interesting how things like that pop up from time to time, anyway nice to hear both of you."

*Dente sneezes twice before he stops transmitting*

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*He finishes sliding the rest of the bullets into the magazine, loads the AK74, and picks up the radio to reply*

"Ya know, I wouldn't normally tell people my stories... for their sake and my own, but whatever, it's been over for a while now. Once two men tried to rob me, that was when I had people I needed to care for, people that needed me. Anyways, I needed to kill these people, to keep my stuff and to live. They had me down man, they did. One had a revolver to my head and the other had a 1911 covering his back. The one with the revolver got up in my face and had one hand open, I jumped at him, took a big bite out of his fingers, out of his hand. I took his gun, executed him in front of his friend, his friend dropped his gun and started to run, I shot him in the back of the head. They were young it looked, probably could barely use those guns, they just needed gear man... It was me or them though... the last one felt pretty stupid when he found out he fucked with the wrong person... just hope I don't have to do it again."

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*Dente nods thoughtfully, thinking before he transmits again*

"Well, thank you for sharing. Personally I feel honored"

*He say with a bit of a laugh, followed by a light cough*

"But no worries, I understand that not everything everyone has done should be broadcast-ed over a public radio. Leaving names and such out of these stories is something that can be done without question.."

*He yawns before speaking again*

"I guess it my time to share, with the theme of being robbed and all I guess I got something to say. A while back, four three months me and my... Hmm, friends were heading out of Zelegorsk? I think what that place is called, a couple of guys came up to us not very threatening or even trouble makes of the sort talked to us a bit. After ten or so minutes they came back up to with our back turned and calmly attempted to stop us on our merry way... Me and a good friend of mine, though some magic spun around and each picked one of them without any words and stopped them. I never believed that we did that, guess we had a kinda same though process. Oddly enough a man came up to me alone and told me to beware.. Never came back to bite me in the ass luckily.. Still a bit shaky about all that.. I don't kill often.."

*He takes a deep breath, sighing and taking a couple more vitamins*

"Fuck this sickness.. this is the third time.."

*He sets down the radio,ending the transmission*

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