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Why was I kicked from server

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I have been using the same name for a long time on the Day Z rp servers and today I was kicked for having a name that doesnt match by the admin. I dont understand why. My name on Server is Mr. Soop. Can someone tell me why I was kicked even though I am whitelisted?

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Hi. I kicked you from the server.

You are required to have a valid first and last name while on the RP servers.

If you haven't been kicked prior to today for using the name "Mr Soop", consider yourself lucky you weren't noticed before.

If you have questions, refer to this thread from Rolle. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Ingame-names

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So am I kicked from the server permanently? Because of my name?

You need to change your name to something that fits within our guidelines, by adding a first name.

First and last name take priority over an titles, such as Mr, Dr, etc.

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