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Tony "the tailor" Mapes

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Having come to these rugged lands years ago with his family Tony was quite content with life, opening a shop in the port city of Chernogorsk he crafted some of the finest suits around not to mention he was a expert in repairs. over the years he made quite a name for himself not only in his business but within local politics  and after taking his citizenship became active within the town council and workers union!

Life was good until that  day the shop bell wrung and Lisa went to see who the customer was "why couldn't it of been me, it was always me" , she was attacked and bit! At first we thought it was just some drug addict trying to rob the place but then Lisa begun to get sick, me n the boys "Michael & Josh" looked after her as best we could but i needed to go empty the safe at the shop and left!

I came back to find both my boys dead and my wife,,,,, my Lisa tearing pieces from them!

I don't talk about what happened next.....

I don't like to think about what i did............

That is when everything went to hell including myself, those first few weeks of outbreak where people were turning on each other, taking from the defenceless " including myself" and leaving the week to perish was............Well i didn't stay week for long i learned that killing animals was no different from killing a person!

Those weeks turned to months and with fewer and fewer people a certain kind of normalcy came about, instead of killing each other groups started trading and cooperating with each other!

Maybe its time to become part of the world once more.........Maybe its time to set up shop!

"Welcome to Tony the tailors, the only shop in Vibor NO.. infact the only shop anywhere to fix, mend and craft those essential wares"

"i wont be beaten on price!"

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