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Oath of the Dveri Movement (All Frequencies)

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*Static is heard before the beginning of the transmission*

*Multiple individuals are heard chanting the Oath of the Dveri Movement*

Zagoria is my mother,

My origin is from Zagoria,

My ancestors are from Zagoria,

My history is from Zagoria,

My Chernarussian people are born in Zagoria,

My Chernarus was born in Zagoria.

Without Zagoria I have no mother,

Without Zagoria I have no origin,

Without Zagoria I have no ancestors,

Without Zagoria I have no history,

Without Zagoria my Chernarussian people don't exsist,

Without Zagoria my Chernarus doesn't exsist,

Without Zagoria I don't exsist.

My Chernarussian people,

Brothers and Sisters,

I swear before God,

I shall win or die honorably,

For my honor,

For my origin,

For my family,

For my Chernarus!

With faith in God,

For the holy cross,

And Mother Chernarus!

*Static runs for a minute after the speaking stops, the transmission then stops*

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