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Separate report threads?

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Hear me out here- some of us community members, have thoughts on certain reports. Like, you see something an admin may not have seen in the proof, or have a reality check for the OP/Accused. Wouldn't it be nice to have a separate thread (So the report itself doesn't get clogged up), so maybe we can point out some things? 

I'm probably not alone in this~ but after reading a report, I have an opinion on what happened, as small as it might be~ having people OUTSIDE the report (Who weren't involved) post their thoughts / what could have happened, what should have happened, and if the people are telling the truth, or not, can really make the final verdict better, stronger, and faster too.

I know, this is the position of the staff to judge things, but maybe they miss something. Maybe, something happens, that gets a hostage killed (It might look like they did it) but they didn't, and it ends up being a report, and word vs word. Having more input on a subject, cannot harm it in any way. 

It's like the Sword of Gryffindor, it only takes in what makes it stronger. Other things in that separate thread, might be incorrect, but they can be overlooked, but considered. Having a bunch of people, post a bunch of different ideas, theories, and hypotheses, can not ONLY;

  1. Speed up the process
  2. Make it more accurate
  3. And, have little repercussions.

If this doesn't seem like a good idea, some people (Like me) have an opinion on almost anything, and like I said, it can do nothing but make it easier for everyone involved.

Edit; I meant in another thread, as to not clog up the initial report.

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Guest turbox9

This was done before, community members could discuss in reports, too much clutter did add anything to the reports so it got scrapped. Reports are a lot less clutter now. But adding a separate thread wouldn't add anything to it.

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You're talking about the old reporting system...

The report system we have now is pretty fast compared the old one. The old one took way too long. I like what we have now.

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Guest Neszy

This already exists. It's called "thread notes" and any member of staff ranking Moderator or higher has access to them; members of staff point out any relevant information which may be of use within these notes. 

When a few GMs get together to decide a verdict for a report, they take these notes into account. If they're unsure, more GMs (or Admins on occasions) are asked to aid with reaching a verdict. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes... obviously. 

Community members don't aid with verdicts, they clutter them. This has been proved time and time again in the past. Staff members hold their ranks because they are the ones trusted with not "missing" things or being biased in any way. This doesn't mean your opinion is devalued in any way, it's just plain not needed.

If you can find a few reports which are objectively "wrong" or "inaccurate" in some way, I'll support this.

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When I was allowed to freely post in reports, I enjoyed it, and I was actually bummed out when they forbade it. But now I'm a huge supporter of not being involved in reports unless I'm called in as a witness.

I think it gets very cluttered in a report when there are a bunch of differing opinions and people repeating themselves over and over again, trying to make their point known. I understand completely why the rules were changed where reports are concerned. I truly think that it causes more of an issue to have outside opinions on the matter considering the fact that staff members are always the objective parties and can make unbiased observations based on the evidence put before them.

I've seen the old way for handling reports, and the new way. And I've got to say that this is the most efficient I've seen the report section since I've been here... so I vote to keep it the way it is.

Change is bad :P

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Like some of the above have said this used to be the old report system and as much as I liked posting my views, as did other in the community it did clog up the thread. The staff would then have to step in and ask the community to stop posting. Threads could go to 8 pages and then the official report thread would start after 24hrs which was for the OP, accused and staff.

It is down to the OP, those involved to post all of the evidence and then the staff to make a decision. You have to remember that it isn't just one member of staff reading through a report, it is several who then make a joint decision. If something has been missed then it is up to the accused to create a ban appeal to present the new evidence.

Ultimately the old system which is basically what you're suggesting was inefficient and the new system is much better and less time consuming for staff.

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