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Lt. Ledger

To The Wolves (Wolves only)

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*Alastair turned on his radio and held down the talk button, there was a grunt of pain as he shifted his position*

"This message is to Jamie Wilson and any other Wolves that were at Green Mountain the other day."

*Pauses for a moment, placing the radio down to take a sip from his canteen, his throat feeling like it was full of sand. After a moment he picked the radio back up, placing his thumb back on the talk button*

"I never got a chance to thank any of you for saving my friend and I. Although, one of you did initially miss the Reaper and hit me.

*Gives a pained chuckle, taking a moment to glance at his bandaged torso*

"I'm still picking out buckshot.  Lucky I was wearing a vest, most of the equipment in it took the hit instead of me. I didn't remember much of what happened, but my friend pretty much filled me on everything."

*Pauses briefly*

"If it's not too much to ask I'd like to meet up with you guys, there are a few things I'd like to discuss."

*With that, Alastair removed his thumb off of the talk button and awaited a response*

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*Mary raises an eye brow hearing somone mentioning her family.*

* She starts to transmit *

Hello Sir.

Good to hear you got out of there alive.

I am very sorry one of my men hit you.

Those Men ...hiding behind hostages .... Using them as Human shields.

But be sure - I put a bullet in that cowards head myself.

*mary sighs*

Its a dark area for the wolves at the moment.

The last days have been nothing but torture.

Anyways. One of my men hit you. 

Of course I offer you medical aid. We have a Dr. in our lines.

And for anything else ...feel free to contact us on 198.3

*mary turns off the radio*

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*Jason hears the man talking about him accidently shooting him instead of the person hiding behind him*

Yeah.....i'm sorry about that.....i rushed in there too quick and just shot not releasing that they were hiding behind you guys

Its good to hear you're alright...

i'm truely sorry about what happend...

*the transmission ends*

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*Hearing a voice, Alastair turns up the volume on his radio. Realizing it's one of the Wolves he immediately presses down on the talk button *

"Thank you, I'm glad I got out as well."


"It's quite alright, you saved my friend. She came out uninjured and that's all that matters to me."

*He continues with a small sigh*

"Yeah, bunch of cowards for sure. They don't have the spine to face their enemies directly, so they use others to do it for them. I'm not surprised, the Reapers have always been cowards."

*Alastair nods*

"Yeah...I've heard about about what's been going on. I'm sorry things have been going the way they have. I've already offered you my support, I just don't know how useful I'll be considering I have a broken arm. I'll definitely do what I can. Thank you, I'll gladly accept the aid."

*Sets the radio down for a moment to write down the frequency he was given. He quickly picks the radio back up and begins to transmit once again*

"If you don't mind, who exactly am I talking to?"

*Only a few moments later he heard a second voice, a males. With a smirk he responds*

"Ah, so you're the one that shot me. No hard feelings about it, was a stressful situation. Those bastards are dead and both my friend and I are alive. All I ask is if something like this happens again that you check your surroundings a little better."

*He stops transmitting, a half smile on his face*

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*Mary turns on her radio hearing the mans voice again.*

You are talking to Mary Archer. Scenter and Council member of the wolves.

The person who shot you is Jason Hunter, Lurker of the wolves.

He is always watching his surrundings, trust me. 

He followed my orders. 

Those people harmed not only you. Some of my people got injured as well. That's

why I gave the order to rush.

Be happy to be alive. Usually Jasons preys do not stand up again.

And by the way. I looked at those faces. Be careful spreading rumours. I dont think that there were any reapers involved.

*Mary turns off the radio*

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*Alastair makes a mental note of the names Mary Archer and Jason Hunter, filing them away*

Well it's nice to meet you Mary, my name is Alastair Ledger. If you feel like being formal, Lieutenant Ledger.

I apologize if my words offended you, I wasn't meaning what I said as an insult.  I hope that everyone on your side that was injured is alright.

I'll consider myself lucky then.

*He paused for a moment to think about the men that were holding him hostage*

It's interesting you say that. From the way my friend described their masks they definitely sounded like Reapers.  As far as I know the Reapers are the only group that choose that mask as their representative symbol.  I'll attempt to look into the situation a bit more.

*Alastair sets the radio down next to his vest*

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*Mary picks up her radio and starts to transmit*

Well Alastair,

I hope its okay if I call you by your first name.

The wolves had loads of trouble the last days and right now we are all spread out 

in chernaus, traveling towards our den.

Again I tell you to join our Frequency. I cant be asked to give away location like this.

*Radio cutts off*

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*Hearing Mary's voice again he picks up his radio*

Yes, you are more than welcome to call me by my first name.

I've heard a little about what's been going on, I hope everything ends in your groups favor.


Of course, I'll be in your frequency shortly. I appreciate all of this, by the way. 

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