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Poor Little Girl - Common Frequency

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Pixie had fallen out with Sophie which hadn't impressed Clarke or Hanz; these where her only friends which stuck by her side 24/7. The rotting limbs hacked off of Pixie's victims to be used as her metaphorical dolls had fallen out with her and she didn't know what to do. She wiped the sloppy tears soaking into her dehydrated skin and dripping onto her dress. Sniffling up in the air and then looking down at the radio. Her eyes were tired and forcing themselves to close, her skin was dehydrated and the woman who thought she was a 9 year old girl stuck in disorder she couldn't get out of, looked like shit. She picked up the radio, trying to compose her self before speaking, looking down at her dolls. 

"I wonder how many of you like me..."

A flashback occurred, she held her head almost screaming like a crazed banshee. The distant yet clear memory of how she was Pixie. The girls at the cabin. Dolina. Sleeping Party. Story telling.



The flashback ended, all of which occurred transmitted through the radio, the girl sat still on the planked bench in the middle of the forest. Her head hung low between her legs, the cool breeze rustling through the trees and howling past her ears. The transmission ended with the girl laughing, a legit laughter. But from what? She knew but no one else did. The laugh was like a mad man laughing whilst slowly being pulled by a torturing weapon. It sounded painful yet somehow enjoyable? The transmission ended half way. The girl, Pixie, stared at Hanz. Sophie. And Clarke. 

"Time to go make some.... friends."

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With Mickey having fallen asleep at his desk in the middle of finishing up his work, he in his tired stupor forgot to turn off the radio before passing out onto his pen and paper. It wasn't long before he was shocked awake by the blood curdling screams of some obviously tormented woman. As the screams turned to laughter, Mickey thought he recognized the the voice behind it, but was somewhat unsure if it was truly her or not. He felt this odd emotion of worry for someone that he hadn't felt in a long while. After a few minutes Mickey lifted the radio to his lips and began to speak in a rather concerned tone.

"Mi-Miss Pixie? I-Is that you? Are you alright my dear? You don't sound to be in immediate trouble, but I am still very concerned for your well being and wish to offer some advice. 

Whenever I find my judgment clouded by fog and despair, a sip or three of crimson essence works best to clear the air. I know whatever is ailing you is nothing you can't overcome; and remember, you still owe me that bit of "tea"."

Mickey tries laughing a bit up quickly returns to his normal tone.

I will leave the gate to our clinic open in case you stumble upon us when you're traveling, we always have a room for such an honored guest; just ring the bell and we'll be with you. Please heed my advice and don't let yourself be suppressed, you can overcome, you can do anything; don't let the enablers, or yourself tell you otherwise."

There is a long sigh followed by a short pause before Mickey speaks again.

"Well my dear, I do wish you the best, and if you ever want to discuss anything, well, we've never had issues with reaching each other before, have we? Take care, my gold star queen."

Upon finishing his broadcast, Mickey slowly gets up from his desk and begins walking out of the clinic. As he walks towards the gate he can't help but hope Pixie heard his words and doesn't lose to herself. When he reaches the gate he looks around at the field in front of him, soaking in the fact he now owns this land behind him and the people resting within it, well, most of them. 

He unlocks the gate and slowly returns to his office to put everything away for the night, while also checking on everyone by listening through their doors to see if he could hear anything. He did this every night now out of curiosity and paranoia, while he had all of these people drink essence, Mickey still felt uneasy around them at times, around everyone; like they're all out to get him.

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*Miko sits down in the ruined church in Kumyrna to catch have a quick break and hears Pixie's broadcast*

...hey hey... dont be upset... I-i-i-


It'll be aaaaaalright here let me sing you a lullaby...

*clears throat*

...hush little Pixie dont say a word, Miko's gonna try catch you a bird

if that bird dont sing.


*twitch* and if that bird starts to smell bad, Miko's gonna bury it in the sand...

and if by then you're still sad, we'll go butcher someone really really bad

and if that bad person still wont scream, we'll have to just feed him the dead birds wing

and if... *twitches* fuck it I got nothin...

*takes a sip of his canteen and puts away his radio to carry on*

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**A person who was still going through the radio waves stumbles across this transmission. Hearing the small girl, then this calm sounding man, and then finally the man with a rather morbid tune, they chuckle. "Man some people these days." They continue to go through the frequencies.**

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