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Class: "The change of the Human mindset over the last 9 months"

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The Prof. takes a deep breath before he starts talking

*A heavy german accent can be heard over the Frequency*

This is a call for those who are interested in educating themselves further.

Professor Gerhard Weissenberger speaking, I’m inviting you to a class about the changes I have seen in the human mindset. Things aren’t like they were, how they are supposed to be. Many of you may have accepted this state we are in without seeing those who are responsible for this.


I want to open your eyes, now and forever.

Eligible students will receive all the information they need to attend. If you want to attend to the class ask me or an Alcyone member in person or over our private frequency’s


That’s it folks, Professor over and out.

*The Frequency gets silent again*

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Dr. Brent kneels down at the bank of a little creek west of Dolina. He examines the bigger stones in the riverbed, picks up a large, red stone with edged structure. He sighs, throws it over his shoulder and mumbles "Just another piece of variegated sandstone. Where are the plutonites? Just one piece of granite would be enough."

*While he takes a new stone, his radio in the right breast pocket of his vest starts to buzz. Curious what that might means, he takes it out and listens to the announcement. After its finished, he strokes his chin, thinking about the time when he sat in the auditorium of the KUL, listening to a professor.*

*He presses the "Send"-button of his radio* Hm, it's a true pleasure to hear that there are still people left who try to preserve knowledge, Prof. Weissenberger. My name is Dr. Alexander Brent and despite the fact that I'm currently on a little expedition to recollect stolen samples I would love to participate in your lecture. It's been a while since I had the joy of a scientific further education. I contact you as soon as I manage to finish my search here.

I wish you a good day. Brent over and out.

*The radio goes silent*

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*A heavy german accent can be heard over the Frequency*

Hello hello fellow humans out there

The first class has been hold and there was no blood bath, with other words there will be more classes if there is enough interrest in them

So dear future students if you want to learn something contact me ja?

*The Frequency goes silent again*

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