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Whitelist problems

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So first problem, I have sent in 2 whitelist applications so far, since I noticed after getting rejected the first time I left out some pretty important details yet.

Your application has been rejected three times!

You are not able to send any more applications! 

Maybe this is due to when I whitelisted back on the mod my whitelist was rejected once before I got whitelisted and it kept that towards my count?

And secondly the second rejection of my whitelist was for, "You have failed to or incorrectly explained the KoS rule about protecting hostages.", but I don't see how I have failed to correctly explain it as in my whitelist I said this:  -please do not post application information in thread-

I feel as if I should go more into why I do explain the KoS rule about protecting hostages correctly so,

Those who control the freedom of their victim(s) must do everything in their power to keep their victim(s) alive and in relatively good health, unless they have good in character reason to execute their victim(s). Otherwise the victim(s) may only be executed by the bandits if they do not comply with demands or if they pose a direct threat to them.

As taken directly from the rules here I reworded this and put it into my application as, -snip to staff notes-

As for the other part about not killing hostages immediately when attacks start, taken directly from the rules here:

What NOT to do

Do not bait other players into situations where you can take revenge for their actions.

Do not kill any hostages immedately when an attack starts.

There wasn't much else from the rules I could put into my explanation of KoS rule about protecting hostages unless I wanted to go basically word for word and copy paste the rule :P and at this point including my other necessary explanations of other parts of the KoS rule my explanation that was a required 500 characters was over 1000.

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If it's saying you are basically blacklisted from whitelisting again, my recommendation would be to make a ban appeal here


An admin can also likely go over your last app at that time.

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If you create a Ban appeal, the Admin team, me included, look over your whitelist applications again (all 3), to see if we made a mistake. You should create a ban appeal as this is the only chance you have.

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