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To any remnants

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*Aaron takes out a dusty radio blows the dust off and presses down the button in hopes a remnant will hear the message* 

It's an impeccable day in Chernarus right now! Atmosphere is just so wonderful excluding the zombies and death of course. May I ask that if anyone hears this message please stay safe, it's a hard life out there for everyone and there is no need for unnecessary death. Although death is apart of life we can sometimes prevent it! Life of a human is irreplaceable, inexpendable, and all life is precious. It is our duty as the human race to prosper! Very few of us can prosper though because these days it is all about survival of the fittest. Every one will try to survive but few will make it, so it is our duty the ones who know how to survive, to help those who don't. *Aaron voice changes to a deeper tone* "Over"

*Aaron releases the button in hopes that one of his men is still alive to hear and understand the message*

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*Kristoff almost chokes on his spoonful of beans as he hears the transmission over the radio. What a strange message to put across the radio, that was like saying "Don’t eat the nails"... But even though man might be worthy to spent the time of a chat with.

Kristoff picks up his radio, but waits to push down the ptt button till his done chewing his beans, whilst thinking to himself that Duncan would approve of his newly found table manners. Kristoff finishes his mouthful and then presses the button on the radio*

Hello there mister....

What a nice message you have there, but I regret to have to inform you that you'll find not everyone agrees...

As a matter of fact I do agree, but then again I'll have to beg the question: What is worth killing over these days? A can of bean that might mean your survival of the day? A gun or a clip of ammo the might help you hold the dead at bay? Or perhaps a conflicting love interest that could mean you losing the purpose that you have for staying alive in this mess?

*Kristoff releases the button. ”Or protecting a friend that made a bad mistake?" Kristoff thinks to himself as he looks down upon his friend Marc whom lies sound asleep on the couch next to the table set of which he has taking a seat. Kristoff presses the button again*

Or are we to accept people robbing us and making our lives a living hell.. well more than it is now, just so that others might have what they want?

*Kristoff lets go of his radio and puts it on the table as he continues eating his beans, and awaits a response*

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