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Don't ever touch the children - Common Freq

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*Alek picks up her radio as she's walking down the street, breathing heavy.*

"Jason Peine, you son of a bitch. How dare you fucking march up to me with your little posse and tell me I am not fit to protect the children? You told me you were going to take them so YOU could protect them! Did they want to go with you? No. Thomas refused... so you.... you fucking shot him.."

*She takes a long shaky breath.*

"You fucking hurt him. I had to bandage him and leave him there hurt and alone just to come find your scummy ass. If I find out you have conflicted ANY harm on Amy or Dora, I will personally come after you and tear you limb from limb. I will kill you so slowly and painfully, you'll beg for me to end your life."

*After walking back from having no luck finding the girls, she sits next to Thomas. His breath heavy and uneven, his shirt is soaked with blood around his hip, eyes are closed, his face is so innocent..* 

"You watch your fucking back you sleazy bastard. You will die, and you better pray it's not by my hands."

*She ends the transmission, putting her jacket over Thomas as he sleeps.*

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Naomi shudders at the transmission. She remembered those names, those children playing at Polana construction site and scaring the ever loving shit out of her when they hid. They showed her the way to Dolina, kept her company for a bit, were actually nice to her... 

Reaching up she turns her radio off and sighs, a bit defeated.

 'Don't get involved.' her mind hissed at her, and reluctantly, she obeyed, proceeding to curl up on the reclaimed mattress in the bed of a pick-up she was repairing.

'Don't get involved.'

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Sitting in his office bored and flipping through radio frequencies, Mickey stumbles upon Alek's distressed and pissed voice and listens in intently. As she continues to talk the anger inside Mickey builds until he cannot hold back anymore. With a single swift movement Mickey brought the radio up to his mouth, squeezed down on the transmit button and began to speak in a very angry and annoyed tone.

"If I find ANYONE tampering with my s-subjects I- W-we will not be pleased. You are tampering with any results we might achieve and this WILL NOT BE TOLERATED."

Mickey's voice grew louder as he went on, almost yelling, but still in control of his voice.

"To this Mr. Peine, if we EVER find you in public we will immediately begin gathering research for your impending Rehabilitation. Also to Miss Alek, if you cannot keep those brats safe for me what good are you? If else anything happens to my subjects while they are under your care, you will also be dealt with accordingly.


Still extremely pissed off, Mickey reaches for his canteen only to find it to be empty. Needing something to relax he takes out his small kitchen knife and makes a slit across his thumb and begins to suck on it, biting down and causing more pain while also releasing more blood.

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*Waking up in the early sunrise, she hears Mickey's transmission. She listens carefully until he is finished.*

"Oh Mickey..."

*She laughs softly.*

"Must I remind you what happened last time we ran into each other? Listen to me, you will not go near the children. If I find you, you will die alongside Jason."

*Taking a deep breath of the crisp morning air, she continues.*

"I hope your chest is healing well, and I hope you're looking forward for more."

*Ending the transmission, she picks up Thomas and carries him down the road, hoping to find a doctor along the way.*

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*As Cahir was laying under an old tree listening to Alek's shaky voice while holding his knee in pain. Cahir clicks on the radio and speaks quietly into the radio* 

"I.. recognize that voice... Where are you? We need to talk!"

*Clicks the radio off and continues to treat his painful knee*

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Izaac smirks, pulling the radio off of his belt to listen to the broadcast. He sits at the base of an old building with that same AK he used to take the children, resting upon his lap. Events of that night replay through his head and it scared him. Though, Izaac knew something went right that night. That something had happened for the greater good.

"Alek..." Izaac speaks calmly, "You did not know our purpose... Yet, you threaten what you know nothing about..." Izaac pauses, releasing a quiet giggle, "You are indeed... not fit to take care of the children."

He sighs heavily into the radio, "We have received your message Alek."

Izaac pulls the radio down to his side. He smirks, glancing up at the sky. 'Everything for the greater good.'

He stuffs his seemingly countless number of pill bottles and saline kits back into his bag. Cocking his AK-47, he gets on his feet to begin heading east.

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*Cleaning the fresh blood off of her leather jacket she listens to the transmission.*

"You think I give a fuck what your purpose is? Stay. Away. From. The. Kids."

*Fuming, Alek tucks the radio into her jeans pocket, glancing over at Dora and Amy playing in the field. She packs up her bag - getting ready to leave in her search for Thomas after having to leave him alone a few nights before.*

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