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[open frequency] looking for my daddy

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Chang teared up as he sat by the made shift shelter he just made, it was poorly constructed. bruises was seen on his arm and his clothes tore up, he began crying while he hugged his teddy bear accidentally pressing the transmitter button on the radio he had. a little boy's voice could be heard, he couldn't have been more than 12 years old


I... I don't wanna... papa... papa.. wo bu Yao... papa papa... where are you, I don't wanna be alone... *crying intensifies* I don't wanna.. I don't wanna... Chang no wanna be alone no more.. bad man.. Russian bad man... people bad... they hurt Chang. *cries more* they take pew pew..

daddy... daddy where are you? please come back, please come find Chang *sniffles and cries*


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