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A old friend...

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*The wind blows softly as the strong rain flows through the dark mellow trees*

*A large human like wolf howl would be howled over the radio*

"I'm here... my friends" *Evil laugh rises over the radio*

*Mr. Wulfe throws the radio into the fire, you would hear large crackling noises then the radio breaks transmission*

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*Joe hears this as he is switching through frequencies, he glances at his radio after he hears this. With frustration he responds*


*Joe puts his radio in his back pocket and continues walking*

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Naomi looks at her radio and debates on whether she should respond or not. With a more of a 'the fuck do I gotta loose' attitude she chuckles soon after depressing the button.

"And I'm here, but if I move a bit to the right I'm there. Or if I go many kilometers North I'm there!"

She howls in laughter and shakes her head.

"Get your shit together fore you pick up a radio again."

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