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Goodbye Killian Rabbit

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*As a transmission is started noises can be heard as if  someone is running fast through a rainy night*


*Leaves can be heard getting ran upon followed by Heavy breathing*

*Irish accent*"Run Rabbit, run!"

*Gun shot is heard followed by a a painful scream in the distance*

*The man with the radio starts moving again but this time he is slowly walking as he gets closer to Killian mumbling in pain*

*unknown Irish accent* "Greetings Killian Rabbit hahaha, I've been wanting to fucking talk to you." 

*Clearly in pain Killian, can be heard getting up from the ground*

*unknown Irish accent* "You killed your own brother you piece if shit! He was my best friend! You gotta pay the price!"

*In pain Killian replies* "You know... It's never easy to kill a man like me...  I'm the type of man that never dies Cahir." *A quiet laugh can be heard from killian* 

*All of a sudden Killian lashes at Cahir while rough movement can be heard followed by a gun shot*


*Transmission ends*

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*Alek listens closely to the transmission. Thinking out loud she says*

"It's about fucking time Rabbit. I hope you're rotting in hell after all the shit you've done. Too bad I didn't get there first... It would have been a lot more painful than that." 

*She switches her radio off before putting it into her back pocket*

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*Podric glances over to the boys huddled in a tight circle around a very small fire and ques on his radio*

-Jesus, more Paddies comin' in erry day it seems like. Don't see why you had to go an' do that to the fella but ye' probable' had yer reasons. Don't go startin trouble and if yer lookin' fer anyone in particular aside from this 'ere fella get in contact. It is always pleasant to 'ear a fello' country man over 'ere.--

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*You would a hear a loud static shock coming from your radio, it would be Killian Rabbits radio*

*Killians Irish Accent* "Fuck! *gunshot* come on you fucking coward!" *Killian is being chased by Cahir, up onto a cliff over looking water*

*Killian turns his head looking at Cahir, speaking to him in a calm tone* Looks like this is where we break off my friend, *Killian wispers* Rebeka... *Smiles* *Killian leaps off of the high cliff with water below it*

*Cahir runs up to the cliff unloading his magazine trying to shoot Killian*

*Unknown Irish Accent* No! Fuck! He has to be dead..

*Transmission ends*

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