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Albert's Journal: Entry 2

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Entry 2:

[align=left]I stopped following roads today. Too many infected, too much of a risk. I holed up in a house during the day after being chased by a hoard. I hid in a backroom and waited for them to lose interest. I couldn't sleep over the groans and battering on the doors and windows. When the crowd finally dispersed the sun had set. I knew I couldn't stay here much longer so I set out. I noticed powerlines and decided to follow them. Maybe there would be still be power, and civilization at the end of the lines?

[align=left]The lines went on for what seemed like forever, coming close to a few towns. I made a brief stop in Novy Sobor, hoping to find some sort of sign that I am not alone. After cautiously making my around town I found a truck ditched on the side of the road. My grand father had a truck just like this on his farm. The vehicle was inoperable, some genius managed to ruin all 6 tires on it. These things are so durable, someone must've been TRYING to disable this thing.

[align=left]The trip was mostly uneventful until I noticed a hill on the horizon. Atop the hill a large tower poked out of the forest. I figured any living people would see this impressive monument from miles away and hole up here. When I arrived I found a compound with light pouring out of it. I carefully patrolled the perimeter, just to ensure this place was safe. As I snuck around the outer walls I heard food steps in the bitch black forest. I called out into the darkness, with vague hopes of not being ambushed by a zombie. Then I heard something, something I hadn't heard in was felt like forever. Human speech.

[align=left]A man with a thick British accent nervously called back. We followed each other's voices until I saw him. I exclaimed he was the first person I had seen in 10 months. He didn't seem to surprised, perhaps he spent a long time trying to “wait-out” this madness. His name was Jack, and he said the compound was safe, but he was leaving. He needed a place to spend the night and wasn't too keen on sleeping alone in such a conspicious area. Over my travels I saved up a lot of supplies for the explicit purpose of sharing them, so naturally I offered whatever I could. I was shocked he didn't need anything. No food, water, or medical supplies. He had a massive backpack and a gun, so I am Jack could take care of himself. We went out separate ways and I turned back to the compound. I slowly pulled open the gate, and saw the light source. There was a fire with embers burning low. It was clear someone must've been here recently enough to light a fire, not didn't stick around long enough to enjoy it.

From room to room and building to building I salvaged what I could, which was not much. I wondered why Jack didn't feel safe sleeping here? Maybe it attracted a lot of people. Maybe some of those people were bad people. I wasn't too keen on waking up to a gun in my face, so I slept in a room full of bunk beds and locked the door. After all my travels and isolation, I had finally met someone. And then they just left. I really didn't expect that. I thought maybe another living human being would be as happy to see me as I was to see them. In the very least I expected a conversation that went on for more than 5 minutes. How many people did Jack run into that I was treated like just another face? How many people are still alive? I hope whoever I meet next would at least give me the time of day. I know Jack couldn't give me the time of day, afterall I met him in the black of night! Hahaha, puns aside, for once I feel safe. I am upstairs in a locked room with a bed. I have a perimeter of fences and gates around my location, so at least the sick people can't get in. Perhaps it's the living ones I should worry about? Well i'll find out soon enough.

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