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A question for Bojack

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*Adrian looks out at the sea, thinking about the past week and its events. He smiles then pulls out his radio*

I have a question for someone

Bojack, i was just wondering something...

*he stops, thinks for a second then continues*

No, actually I think I'll save that question for a bit later. So, how are you going? That 45. in your ass healing up alright? My ear is looking like it might recover, so you should focus on your hand-eye coordination a bit. Anyway, I've been doing some digging 'Mr Bojack' and I've found out that quite a few of my acquaintances have a bit of a bone to pick with you. And your first name of course. No wonder you use Bojack with a name like 'Wade'. Anyway, some things have changed, and I thought this would be the perfect time to ask you this

So, Wade, the question!

*Adrian takes a pause*

When would you like to die?

*Static returns*

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*Gwandoya turns the sink off and cleans his razor as he listens to the radio.*

*Gwandoya grabs his radio and starts speaking through it.*

Mista' Bojack isn't too happy with you, who is this otha' person you speak of?

I think you are mistakin' my brotha' and I think you should considerin' changin' that tone.

You think mista' Bojack is all by himself? 

I myself for one am here to back him up, since I Gwandoya the first of my tribe, father of two sons and husband of three wive' am goin' to fuck you up if I ever see you again.

Now I suggest you to shush and crawl back in to ya' hole with your tail behind your legs.

*Gwandoya ends the transmission.*

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Guest or3o_kush

*Bojack hears the empty threats on radio & decides to answer back*

"Okay, Mr. Tough guy I don't know who you are? As well I don't have any gun shots in my ass? I will tell you one thing though, I want to die today. Come kill me!"

*Bojack laughs at the fact the little boy thinks he can kill him*

"Come see me soon okay?"

*Bojack puts the radio into his front pocket*

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*Strange Ukrainian accent* "Mhmm my friends... you sound very strange.. I wish to break you. Yes I do, Insanity can cause.. us to KILL each other, You are truly aaaaallll weak." *Laughs with a evil tone to it*

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Enzo listens to his former brothers respond to the threats... And whatever the fuck the last guy was going on about...

"My brothers, seemsa like you have been attracting alot of ... attention lately. Been busy, huh? You needa help, you know who to call. So long as it no end up with a bullet in my ass..."

Enzo pauses,

"We need to catch up, okay? I need to know whata fuck you guys have been up to to cause thisa much attention..."

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*reeling in another fish - Rel's radio buzzes with transmissions of threats and a familiar name being brought up*

Aha... Excuse me, Mistah Man. Sucha foolish thing to call somebody out on the radio like this - so easy to hide behind the walls of radiowaves... I would warn you for your sake - nobody fucks with Mistah Bowjaek. Mistah Bowjaek fucks you...

*Rel turns off the radio and reaches into a box of worms and begins impaling the bait onto 

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