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Dr. Laska's log

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One live steam Red said he thinks it would be interesting if someone could pull off an alien character. So I attempted to it, let me know if you think it would be interesting to interact with this character and if it would be interesting to be there as he develops which will happen if I RP him. He may have these following notes on him revealing this IC to others. Please ignore any typos.

EDIT: Resize of images, Typos fixed


A while before the infection spread a space ship was launched

from Chernarussia in the Black Mountains. The ship was sent up

to capture a small asteroid passing earth. The task was completed

and the rock was brought back to earth and tested in a lab.

It was quarantined for a while until confirmed safe and

then was broken open. Inside was water with a black moss

all around the hollow center and in the water. It was studied

further under a microscope and what was found was amazing.

Bacteria, alien bacteria. Bacteria unfamiliar to earth.

The bacteria was then studied more and more and appeared to

be rounded and insect like with what looked like hairs and it

produced an unknown liquid. Research had shown the bacteria

dies rather fast suggesting it needs a host to survive therefore

suggesting it was a parasite. Animal tests were made but the animals

didn't survive. So it was decided a human test would be made. The

test subject would have to be someone willing to or a criminal.

A criminal was decided named Vasili for time was

short for the bacteria and no one would volunteer.





At the time of all of this the subject is hiding, and after

a full day of hiding the subject comes out and finds many lab

workers dead. The subject sees the lab worker who did the most

training with him, and kept the logs, Dr. Laska. The subject only stared

blankly and intensely. The subject then found its way out of the

lab seeing as nothing inside interested him for there was no


After a long walk the subject found itself at a lake

and attempted to catch fish. The subject caught one and ate it

raw. Then continuing down the road a man offered the subject

a ride. The man first noticed how zoned out the subject's

personality was then noticed he had blood on his shirt.

The subject didn't notice though and the man convinced him to

get in the car.

After a long drive to Kirovograd the man parked.

Telling the subject, who he now called Stars because it seemed all

he was doing was staring into space, to stay in the car. The man had

parked outside of a police station and then Stars saw

multiple armed men walk outside. Stars heard aggressive orders

to get out of the car but he felt confused with an innocent look

on his face for he was told to stay in the car. After multiple

orders to get out, he did and he was irritated. The officers

told him to get against the car, Stars didn't quite understand

why and stood there blankly. They gave him a push and Stars

got upset, inhaling aggressively and roughly and then pulling

a gun he obtained from the lab. He shot the officers and ran off.

He found himself at the train station and boarded a train that brought him

to Miroslavl', once arrived he saw many people running around

and the military trying to control it all. Stars Then saw a

scary looking person, in his eyes, attacking another and so he ran over

throwing the attacker onto the ground and killing him.

Then looking around seeing all of the chaos and hearing all the

noise, irritated he ran off to a large hill where he saw the

sun peaking over. Once he reached the top he looked back at the

town blankly seeing it in flames and hearing faint

screams. He then turned back at the sun and stared at it till

it set. Once it was dark he had seen a flashing light in the woods

and he began to follow it. It was flying left and right flashing

on and off. It then brought him to a small town where he

expected people, but no one was to be found. He searched through

the houses, enjoying the silence and found clothing. He had

changed into the clothes realizing he was hot and experiencing

sweat which was an uncomfortable feeling to the body.

He continued his way through towns finding strangers,

interacting with them the best he could by this time knowing a few

words but unable to say them completely right, being as human as

he or it, thought he or it was along his journey to the South Zagoria

region of Chernarus after getting directions. For those who have met him

have seen his behavior and have talked with others, some suggest

maybe he is a man who experienced extreme trauma and needs someway to trigger

his emotions, others think he has mental issues, it's only

a matter of time before the bacteria evolves far enough to the point where memories

and emotions are accessible but would he be Vasili again or still be Stars? Or it will

decay when the body can no longer live as a host, and then will Vasili return? The

body might be too decayed to live on by then.

For now he is a child, doing the best it can do, no longer

being raised by his parent.

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Very in depth, I like it a lot.  

The interesting thing would be how you let people in on the secret, and how the react to it.  

The goal would be to make people think you are a bit wacky but that you believe what you say, the hope would be they don't think you're trolling.  

I really do like point of your character learning what he sees. 

The only thing I'd question in the backstory was Chernarus launching a space craft, perhaps make it Russian, and your character made it to Chernarus or was taken to Chernarus.


-very unique, and original

-Lots of backstory to work with

-A character people would truly wonder about


-People could consider it trolling, you'd have to play it delicately to avoid issues.

-I almost would recommend that your character BELIEVES this backstory, but maybe consider it OOC as not being the truth.  Consider it a condition your character has developed or something of that affect.

Good luck with this!

I'm going to forward this to the Loremasters and see their opinions on it as well.

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All right, appreciated. Mainly just looking for feedback not even sure if I would want to do this but I wanted to take up the challenge of Red saying it would be interesting if someone pulled off an alien character whether he was joking or not.

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Encountering such a character would no doubt give other players an interesting RP experience, but there are a few issues that would need to be addressed.

Brad brings up a few good points. While the Black Mountains could be the site of the launch, the Chernarussian government would not be involved in any outerspace exploratory missions as they are a small and relatively poor nation. Russia on the other hand has a relatively large space program and that country fronting such a mission would not be so far fetched.

It should also be noted that failed tests on non humans would not result in progression to human testing. Research is expensive and human testing would not be attempted unless successful results were proven to be possible. However, criminal testing is quite likely once tests are proven viable.

You might also want to keep the science behind the bacteria as vague as possible to avoid issues. For example instead of saying "the bacteria has nearly taken over the entire system of veins" or " it doesn't seem the body needs the blood while the bacteria is inside the bloodstream" you could state "the bacteria has had an adverse effect on the circulatory system". Don't go into too much detail with the medical notes and instead focus on the patient behavioral observations as this is where the character comes into the story.

Having your character mimic others could be played off well and provide an enjoyable RP experience, but if others find it annoying or trolly they may act hostile to which your character might portray no value for their life as you have created them to react to violence with violence. Will he understand when he is outnumbered and should comply? Communication is also an issue. It's very difficult to RP with a person who mostly hums as their form of communication and this could come off as very trolly or even as an excuse to avoid RP. Childlike learning behaviors could work in this case, but clear communication is necessary.

All in all it's a very interesting concept, but very far fetched.

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Haha yes again I don't plan to do this but I appreciate the constructive criticism and totally agree with what was said. As for the communication part later it is explained communication becomes easier and the character may develop. As for the mimicking that was his learning experience to learn basic gestures such as waving. So he would no longer mimic someone doing something such as waving or sitting because he has learned those gestures himself.

But all in all I had a lot of fun making this haha thanks for the challenge Red.

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Guest Neszy

-I almost would recommend that your character BELIEVES this backstory, but maybe consider it OOC as not being the truth.  Consider it a condition your character has developed or something of that affect.

This is probably your best option. To make a character affected by "alien bacteria" is something that is uh... obviously pretty out there (no pun intended?) though considering we're in a world populated by what are essentially "zombies" kinda blows realism away a little.

I think a character that simply believes all this experimention and stuff occurred on him could be possible, sure... like some sort of chronic, delusional hypochondriac or those people that believe they've been abducted by aliens after seeing a bright light.

As for calling anything you've said "the irrefutable truth" (which you are not), absolutely not. There are no aliens in the DayZ or DayZRP universes and the day we allow aliens to RP on these servers is the day I shoot Rolle for non-compliance.

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Lol agreed, I don't want to spring up some far fetched nonsense, as I had said Red said it'd be interesting I just wanted to test it out lol at this point I may delete the thread now that I've got some official feedback.

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Guest Neszy

Lol agreed, I don't want to spring up some far fetched nonsense, as I had said Red said it'd be interesting I just wanted to test it out lol at this point I may delete the thread now that I've got some official feedback.

No need to delete! It's interesting stuff regardless and it's something you put work into

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Yeah but I'm just waiting for misunderstood hate to come haha, I don't want people to get the impression this may be a thing, I don't plan on being an alien.

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The story is pretty dang cool, I'd leave it here, people will read the comments and see that it was an idea  (maybe even put that in big bold letters at the top)

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