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A Random Distress Call

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*The radio quietly starts to emit static as you start hear distorted voices, after a few minutes it clears and it seems to be a young kid "talking"*


*A pause occurs as you hear branches being moved and the radio hitting against them*

I forgot.. You guys don't speak my tongue.. Huh.. I'm somewhere north.. Can anyone help me please? Malvern, Luke, Veer*Static* or anyone.. Hello?

*You hear him start to breathe heavily in fear*

I don't know where I am! Please Anyone!?

The dead ones are following, the nationa*Static* and I am lost..

P.. Please? A.. Anyone?

*Radio suddenly starts to transmit distorted voices which might seem like a scream and then silence*

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Petra pauses while going through the frequencies, hearing the panicked voice on the other side of the radio

"You are up north, yes? I am north too. I have medical trainings if stranger need help. I hope you not biter food right now."

She lets go of the talk button, waiting patiently for a response.

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*Veera yanks her radio out of her vest and jams the transmit button down.*

"Oh for FUCKS sake! Kid! Where've you been?"

*Noticing her anger she attempts to calm herself.*

"Just stay calm. Tell me where you are. I'll be there."

*She lets out a long sigh and begins to run north.*

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*laying in the corner of the porch where he and the others made camp, the cold silence is broken by the sound of the kid yelling in his native language and catches his name. Curious he listens to the rest of the messages before snatching up his radio*


*He pauses for a second collecting himself*

"Fuck it, i'll talk to the others in the morning we will come get you as soon as we can."

*he rolls over placing the radio next to his head. in case the kid manages to transmit again.*

"You are strong kiddo, we will be seeing you soon."

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As Ben hears the transmission he gets a bit confused and pushes the button.

"You is at North Pole ???? Is it dobry there?? Any infected ???"

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Karel hears Russian going off while going through transmissions.

No. Go back to your home if you are already there.

Karel lays down and keep enjoying the sun. "Oeh. What a wonderful weather."

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*The Kid turns his radio on to hear all the people speak at once, he replies but you can mainly hear static until the comms cleared up*

I don't -ZzzPskzz-

There is to many noises and loud fly sounds in the radio.. I hear.. Malevern? Vee -ZzRzpksz-

I am going to -Zzpsksra- OK? Oh look berri-ZzzPsk-

*Radio suddenly starts to transmit a distorted voice but then silence*

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