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there is nothing left inside but hate...

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there was a smile on her face once... i remember Jane smiling when Sam and Kate were born... i remember her smile when i got the promotion to internal security for Takorov industries.... i remember her smile when we moved to the Vladov estates in Berezino... life was wonderful....

I heard the sirens outside... and i knew something was wrong... the infected had poured into the city... no warning, no escape.... i ran out of ammo in my .357 and resorted to using a hammer to bash my way through the chaos to get home to them... but, it was too late.

the door stood open, blood smeared on the door, porch and floors...

this was no infected... this was a monster... 

there was a smile on her face once...

my children.... what remained of them... was trussed up like sucking pigs... Jane... she put up a fight, and he didn't like that.... he gutted her like an animal... some of her meat was still sizzling in a pan on the stove...

he... he ate my family... 

i went to the security office and check the hall camera feeds.... i see you... i got you now...

it took me some time, but... i found you... didn't i... oh, i found you...

it was in no way slow... i broke every bone i could manage without it being fatal... i used the gore covered hammer... i made sure to infect his wounds with it.... he tried to talk, act tough... but i shattered his jaw. 

 it took him two days for him to expire... of course i was keeping him alive... then it happened, he turned...

i sat for some time before coming to a decision.... so i killed him a second time, and left his carcass to rot in the old shed behind the cranes of cherno

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