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Last words of a good man.

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Johnny wakes up, over looking Black Lake. With a heavy head he looks around for his friends whom took shelter from a threat yesterday. No one is to be seen.

Going through his backpack looking for the hair of a dog, he finds a note, stuffed in at the top of his bag.

As he reads the note to himself a tear runs down Johnny`s face.

With his hands shaking Johnny decides to take out his radio, barely able to press the button down, he begins to read the letter to who ever is listening.

The world we're in has no justice.

I've known for a while that this was going to happen sooner or later, my friends & family can no longer be safe while i'm around...I must do this for them.

I can't let people die for me any longer.

I have a few things to say to people,

Percy, you're the man who's taught me how to keep my humanity, how to live with everything that I've done & how to overcome it, it pains me to see you change from the man you once you were but I know those changes were necessary. Just remember all those things you told me, you cannot lose yourself. If there's any men or woman around here that can change the way things have become, you're one of them. 

Dom & Jack, although I didn't know either of you well when you ran The Reapers, I respected what you guys did with it, I tried to follow the lines you drew and tried to make the group what it was supposed to be. Dom you've become a great friend of mine, you've been one of the main reasons I've even made it to where I am now. I really couldn't of done any of this without you, thank you for standing with me brother.

Johnny Muldoon, take care of our mutual friends. I can trust with you looking out for them you'll keep them safe. One of the most loyal & brave men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and you as well have become a brother to me. The rest of the guys, you know who you are... don't back down from your beliefs, don't let others bully you into becoming something you're not, most importantly stay safe, everything I've done recently has been for you guys and this is among those things. 

The allies and friends that have stuck with me this past, I thank you all. Timmy, you're a man who wants justice, for the sake of everyone around you please slow down with how you go at it, but everything you've done has truly been appreciated. Matt, Veera, the rest of you, thank you for the courage all of you have shown, truly good people. The rest of you colony fuckers, keep yourselves safe will ya? It has been great meeting all of you. Alyssa Morgan, thanks for the advice you've given me in the past whether I used it or not, I'm a stubborn dick.

The remaining reapers, it hurts to see what you've become when I first joined the brotherhood we once had I was told "We must rise above the rest, a chance to seek out evil in this land and eradicate it" You my friends have become the evil, you've lost who you are. Joey, you're better than this. I hope with my death that you need so fucking bad that you can finally see clearly. 

There's a lot more I want to write but I can't fit it all on this paper.

The fight for peace is far from over, but I can no longer fight. Don't give up.

It's time to visit Mikhail,

Sonny Mitchell

The radio goes silent.

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-Finnr clicked on the radio with a desperate face-




He-e-e was nice to me FUCK!

-Finnr clicks of the radio-

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*Drifter is switching through the channels as he rides in the old truck with Roy. Suddenly he hears a sobbing voice beginning to read, and after listening, he finally says his piece*

Damn, you know, even though South Zagoria has bars and colleges and religions and weddings, it's times like this that remind me we have descended into judgement, a zone of hatred and bloodshed, violence and cruelty. Though, I've only met you a few times, Sonny, you have my utmost respect and deserve your rest. Good hunting in the wide, gold, plains of the Warrior's End. Goodbye, bud.

*Drifter sighs and places his face into his palm as he slides the radio back into his vest*

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Guest CUDA

A faint voice of a African male can be heard over the transmission

Good bye bruddah...

The transmission fades out.

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*laughter can be heard in the background as he speaks with a serious voice*

Don't go against us, we won't go against you. One less in the list.

*shuts down transmission*

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*Veera hears the message and, recognizing the voice, is alarmed by his tone. Listening closely as to understand the words her heart sinks. She waits a long while before pressing down on the transmit to respond.*

"Now was a time when we needed people like Sonny. He was a good man. I know this because selfish men cursed his name. He stood and spoke when others chose to look the other way. He will not be forgotten and his efforts will not be in vain."

*She lets go of the transmit as her eyes begin to water.*

"The only justice in this world is the justice we take."

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Upon hearing the transmission Joey thinks whether he should speak out or remain silent. He decides to speak out and starts pressing down the button to talk;

"I cannot say I'm happy to hear this news, because I am not. The death of Sonny was inevitable, it is not something to be proud off, even when we would have caught him and hmmm how to say this, give him a bullet in the back of his head. I'm only slightly dissapointed by him taking his own life, he took the cowards way out. If he really was the man you all claim him to be, he would have come to me instead of running off in the woods and shooting himself in the head."

For a moment Joey releases the button and tears start running down his cheeks, he presses the button again to continue talking;

"Requiscat in Pace, my friend. Or as Mikhail used to say rest in peaches, rest in.........."

Joey releases the button abrubtly and starts muttering to himself; "I'm so tired, so tired of this fighting. All the people that have lost their lives and for what, it's so fucking pointless."

He sets his radio to scan and starts moving west again.

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*A laugh can be heard from the hills of Pustoshka, as Fortune heard the radio at the old federation camp*

And just went I thought it wasn't gonna get any better


FUCKING DEAD! Hahhahahaa, 

Mikhail finally have his peace... Rest in peace my dear friend Mikhail...

And fuck you, fuck you, fuck Sonny and Fuck you man on radio...


*Laughter can be heard as the transmission is cut off*

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Guest Mak

"May he rest in peace next to Mikhail... Even enemies deserve...some respect...even cowards...I guess..."

*turns off the radio and mumbles*

One more life...Thanatos has claimed...one more off the list, too many to go...

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*Matt stares at the ceiling laying back in the lodge bed, he picks his radio up and presses in the transmission button with the small amount of strength he has*

Sonny was a good man.... It's a shame what happened, and my condolences go out to all of his friends, he was one of the real good ones.

*Heavy sigh*

And Reaper's if you are not going to be respectful on this frequency, then PISS OFF!

*Radio goes silent*

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