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Genesis 4:1-16

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So, on a previous RP server, I used to RP as a fairly odd character. Not that I was odd while in character, but odd in the sense of it was a very difficult character to try and bring here. It is not a very normal character.

Anyways, I'd like you to have a read. Read the following story and let me know what you think, if you like the direction I am taking for the introduction of this character.

I don't plan on shelving Enzo anytime soon, but I am hoping to bring this character to this server to garner some... reactions out of some people. Those that have met him in the past and those that have yet to meet him.

Anyways, enough rambling. Feel free to let me know what you think and If you have any suggestions, comments, etc. My goal is to make this character believable and FIT DayZRP. If I can not make it fit, it just wont happen.

So, Abel, how are you doing today? How are you feeling?

I’m pretty good. How are you, doc?

I’m well, thank you. And, how are you feeling today?

Okay, I guess.

Still having trouble sleeping? Night terrors?


Are you still taking the pills I prescribed?

Yes. Mostly. I have missed some here and there, but I try to.

That’s good. You need to do your best to make sure you don’t miss any doses, but I’m glad your being honest with me about it this time.

Yeah… I know we don’t want to go through that again…

And the night terrors?


The night terrors, how are they? Any other side effects from the neuroleptics?

Oh, no, nothing additional. And they aren’t too bad. I still get them every once in a while, but the other medications help bring those down, make them more tame.

That’s excellent. Would you like something to drink?

Yes, please. Coffee, if you have.

Is decaffeinated OK?

….I guess.

*the voice sounds more distant at the moment*

Well you know you’re not supposed to consume caffeine on these medications. Or alcohol. It changes the desired outcome. Milk? Sugar?

No, black thank you.

*the voice returns closer to the recording device*

There you go.

*You can hear a coffee mug being placed on a table. A man sits down in a chair, and the faint scratching of pen on paper can be heard. The ceramic coffee mug is slid slightly across the wood table, a long sip is taken, then the the mug can be heard being put back down on the table.*

Thank you, it’s good.

*The writing ceases*

So, anything else on your mind?

No, not right now. Not really. I’m going on a trip soon. Hopefully. That’s kind of why I’m here.

Oh a trip? Where to?

Moscow. As we have discussed in previous sessions, I’m a history buff. A-and architecture too. I’ve always wanted to go see St Basil’s.

Oh, how very nice. We will have to make sure your prescriptions are well filled.

*writing on a pad can be heard, and a tear as a sheet of paper is removed from a pad*

I was also going to go to Prague, Turkey, and Egypt.

The Middle East?

Yeah… Yes, there is so much rich history there.

So, this has nothing to do wit-

No, doc, it has nothing to do with him- with me- with… Look, I legit have always wanted to go on this trip. It has nothing to do with that, I think I’m passed him. Passed all that. And with the medication to help keep me in check, I’ll be fine. I’ll only be a few weeks anyways. I only get 3 weeks off of work.

*A pen can be heard tapping on something. The chair of an arm, a pad of paper, something…*

OK. I’m OK with this trip, but under one condition. You call me every 3 days. We will set aside 15 minutes a day at minimum to discuss you and your health. Longer if I feel it’s required. If you need to, you call me collect first and we will sort out the charges after when you get back. My receptionist will give you a number you can contact me on.

Thanks for agreeing doc. It means a lot to me that you see an improvement enough in me that you would agree to me going on this trip.

That’s fine, Abel. But, I don’t care if it’s the middle of the night, between our 3 day check-in period or not, if you feel an episode coming on, you call me right away. You can only imagine how it will be taken if a man is wondering around the Middle East calling himself Ca-

The birds can be heard singing in the background.

A man removes his headphones from his ears. He looks at the MP3 player screen, the “low battery” warning taking up most of the screen, flashing. Between flashes, the file name of the MP3 that was being played is displayed: Abel J. Adams – 20140913.mp3.

He wraps the earbuds around the MP3 player quickly.

Batteries… Again the God Damned batteries!

He checks the cable connection between the mp3 player, charger, and solar panel. The solar panel is cracked, but has worked for the past few days like that.

Maybe it’s the cord…

He puts everything in his pack, unsure of where to go now, but feeling like he needs to move.

As he is packing things up, he finally realizes that he has been sitting down in front of a dilapidated, crumbling church. He begins to weep, uncontrollably, but quietly.

After some time, the tears stop. He picks himself up off the ground, dusts off his knees, and walks in through the crumbling archway. He creeps and climbs, around and over rubble. The ceiling has all but completely collapsed.

At the front stands an altar. On it, a Bible. As if on autopilot, the man flips the Bible open.


Pages are flipping, quickly. Skimming through the pages. Looking for something.

Then the man finds what he is looking for, because the incessant page turning halts.

Genesis 4:1

This is the story of Cain and Abel.

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Very interesting. I would enjoy meeting this character. Please add additions I love it <3

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Very interesting. I would enjoy meeting this character. Please add additions I love it <3

Thanks, much appreciated. I plan on doing some more for this character because I do hope to use him eventually.

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And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?

It never escaped him, how messed up his parents must of been.

What kind of parent treats their child that way? How could they live with themselves?

They aren't that bad. They loved me.

Are you kidding me?!

They did! They do. They-

They are fucking dead. They-

They aren't dead!

They are, you fucking moron! They are dead! Everyone is fucking dead!

No! Not them!

What, you think they were saved? Magically? By Who, God? They are dead and with any luck that both getting fist fucked by Lucifer himself right now.

How can you s-

How can I what? Mom and Dad were fucked. Lets start at the beginning...

They named you Able.

Yeah, and?

You don't see anything wrong with that? Able fucking Adams? Come on man! Able was the son of Adam and Eve.

Yeah, I kno-

And not even the first son. Noooo, they would never name you that. They would never name you-

Cain! Stop this!

What? Look around you... Look at the state of the Earth right now. You think what ever this is is limited to here? This shit is global my friend. Fuck, had we become an astronaut like we wanted to when we were a kid and were lucky enough to be on the Internation Space Station when this shit went down, then we might be safe from this shit. But even then we would die, what with all the space junk flying at it and you know eventual depletion of food and-

OK! Enough about the Space Station...

Jesus Christ your such a party pooper.

Don't do that!

What? Use the lords name in vain? Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Fucking Christ! ... Look what you made me do, I forgot where I was going with this before. So they name you Able, abuse the shit out of you, try to-

They did not abuse me.

Dude, if you did something bad the beat the fucking shit out of you with a God damned home made cat of nine tails. Jesus Christ himself got hit with one less time than you did!

You don't know th-

Seriously, that's your defense? I don't what? Know that? Maybe I don't know exactly how many times Jesus got hit with a fucking whip, but for fuck sake who does that to their CHILD? Hell, you came home with a B+ on your math test they locked you in the basement and started home schooling you! But least that's when you met me.

I'm not having this conversation again. Look at me, I'm talking to myself.

Yes, you are. And your talking to me at the same damn time. When you going to figure that one out.

But my therapist said that-

Your therapist doesn't know shit. No body understands you, knows what's going on. I do, because I AM you. Hell, when Mommy-dearest first met me, she locked us down in the basement for 27 hours. Neither of them knew what to do. The next time it happened, they went and got a god damned priest thinking you were possessed. What did your therapist say when you told that twat you had been exercised of demons?

She- She said I had been through a very traumatic experience...

"A very traumatic experience" We were fucking 13 years old! We weren't possessed, just fucking different. But no body understood us. Hell our parents took us to a god damned dermatologist to try and get every freckle and blemish removed from our body thinking we were "marked". That's not how it works, those idiots.

But they-

But they what? You know how this happened. We found mom's journal, remember?

I know...

Look, Able, I'm not a bad guy. I'm you. You are me. But what I can't do is sit around and let people bully you your whole life and in this shit storm apocalypse.

But... this, you think this is the apocalypse?

You don't? People dead. Break down of society. The dead walk the earth, sort of. If this isn't the rapture I don't fucking know what is. We have to prepare. Don't worry, I'll keep you safe.

Able sat there, on the floor of the crumbling old church. Leaning against the altar. Bible in lap, staring down at it, with eyes glazed over. Lips moving to the conversation in his head, but not saying a single word aloud.

I hope some of you enjoy the direction I'm taking this character in. To be honest, I don't even know yet where I'm going with him yet, but I feel compelled to write him some times. I hope you enjoy.

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