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Hello All

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Hi all,

my name is Michael I am very very very very new.

I love the idea of having a great role playing experience on DayZ.

I will read all the Lore and Rules and try to figure the puzzle of the phrase.

I wanted to say the forum looks very amazing and a special thanks to Riggs for helping me out a little.

Will work hard now on my application.

Wish you all a great day.

Much Love


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much love to you first of all, get use to roleplaying slowly. if you have any inquiries or questions feel free to contact a moderator like Spartan(flood his fucking inbox). it takes time to get use to it, it's not the same as vallina DayZ. and lastly have fun.

P.S. complying to the reapers is better than getting haunted down, cause God knows.. we will find you, and we will fuck you up. Ciao!-Mr Fortune Cookie #bestasianreaper

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Thank you Frozen xD I have major singleplayer roleplaying experience but nothing like this :). I just finished my application and I am awaiting hopeful and excited.

Also I would not dare to cross the reapers. *Puts hands up*

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Welcome Michael!

As Frozen said, send me a pm if you need help.

The part about the reapers, meh don't listen to him ;)

Hope you have a great time here. Don’t forget to check out the lore and learn the rules. Have a look at the FAQ before making a new thread in the questions section.

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