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Tales of the Ranger

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Landen Acosta - Ranger

Born among the lower class Landen grew up as a nomad. Traveling and scouting but always returning home to the village he belonged. Though his father left before he was born Landen’s mother raised him within her village. Landen fell into the hands of a thieves gang while he was young and began to create havoc. It was easy for Landen to cave into pressure and do whatever they told him to do, in turn they trained him in combat and stealth.

 Do to the gang Landen was in, his kin had forsaken him and became his favored enemy. Landen has several inconsequential relationships, having many lovers but no long-lasting, meaningful relationships. He values loyalty over all things. He treasures the friends, associates, and lovers he has earned throughout the years, and when someone breaks his trust or betrays his trust in some way, he becomes utterly unhinged. 

 Throughout the years Landen comes out of this bad boy and along with his friends Darren and Lilly, he takes lead of the 3 man squad and takes responsibility of their group. But even leaders have their weaknesses. His mother ends up passing away just before the apocalypse of natural causes. It takes everything in Lilly and Darren’s power to keep him together. In turn he does the same for them and adopts them as his siblings. 

 Without the knowledge of the future, he pushes on, making everyday count one step at a time.

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