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The Gunslinger

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Darren Wolfard - Gunslinger

Born in a lower class village Darren had both parents to raise him. He became a gun-slinger by trade, with it was combined martial arts and combat. He worked around and for the village in order to make his keep.

 While he was at a young age, Darren was close to a person who claimed to see the future. Weather it was true or not he was visions of distant places and of times that may come to pass. The seer’s influence made him into an optimist with a drive to change the future. That drive became stronger when he was betrayed by his kin, those of whom he trusted more than anyone else. He prefered to rely on his own abilities rather than place his trust with others, until he met his two best friends Landen Acosta and Lily Connell.

 Darren had several significant relationships. He engaged in a number of partnerships, but for some reason or another his relationships always failed. Darrens only drawback was his attachment to his gun. Which holds an immerse sentimental value and significance being as it was given to him by his father. Without it, he was no longer himself and was prone to suffer from aggressive behavior.

Landen and Darren became best friends while they were running together in the same bad crowd. They decided to ban together and change to do good and help rather than cause havoc.  He then met Lilly on a mission while she was spying for their village. They clicked and were inseparable afterwards. Together the three stand side by side awaiting their fortune and the vision Darren has come to know

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Nice short background on this character. Keep on going with more stories I feel a little more length would do your character justice

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