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US DayZRP server is bugging out

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I did not know where else to really post this issue but in the DayZRP US server, it continually resets and so no one is able to play on it. Is this an issue or is it supposed to be like this in the morning? if issue then definitely needs fixing because DayZ EU is only other server to join

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We have closed S2 for the time being and opened S3.

We are investigating the troubles.

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Hi Kuad,

Unfortunately we are having some issues Server side which are causing your problem,I apologize for this issue! Late last night we had to Close Down S1 for the same reasons.  I can assure you we are working with out Hosts to find out the issue and correct it. But until is resolved, we have opened up S3 which seems to be operating just fine. We will update the community when this is no longer an issue and open up S2 again.

With that being said i will solve this

Warm Regards,



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