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Message from beyond

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*Dom picks up his radio and decides to finally speak*

Hhhello myy brothers, 


You tried to bettray me, you all turnned your back on mee....


*Dom sniggers as he decides to continue*

Theree was one man who was there for me... The reasson I am allive!

You see you gaave the task of maaking sure I was dead to Mr Quaid hhowever he lied to you all... I am still here... 

6 months I have questioned wwhy you did this too me, 6 months I have laid alone.... you took everything from me.

*Dom stands up and gets ready to leave the cave*

Its time I leave Mr Quaid I am soorry but I cannot stay here any llonger I know you wanted me too bbut I cannot.

My brothers ... I am coming home... I am coming for you.

*Dom turns of the radio and slides it into his backpack as he pokes his head out the cave and smiles*

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"God damn you people need to learn how to die around here baby."

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Guest Phat J

:: Suzuki hearing the radio transmission gets angry at the man talking about Carlos::

"Oh Herro sir!"

"You might want to watch what your saying, or I will cut you."

:: Suzuki ends the transmission satisfied with what he has said::

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