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Kurt Lockes Documentaries

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Hi all! 

For those who haven't run into my character "Kurt Locke" yet, without giving too much away,  I am a free-lance journalist/documentary maker who entered South Zagornia in late October 2014 to do a story on what was actually happening.  Given my back story and some of the things that have happened to me (well, the stuff that shadowplay decided to work for), I thought I would put together an IC documentary using ingame footage I have collected along the way.  

Any constructive feedback is appreciated.  Hope you enjoy it!


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This video is AWESOME.

+1 for street justice.

Thanks.  I tried to get a good cross section of stuff that I had run into, I think I managed to get some amazing RP fromn people.

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I'm famous! I'm the guy saying "This is why I hate germans..." I'm trying to hold back my tears of joy.

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