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Do not get in our way [Common Frequency]

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After being carried to an abandon house on the shoulders of Charlotte, Mickey quickly slumps to the floor once they get inside. Leaning up against a wall to check his bullet wounds, he finds the hastily applied bandages to be barely woven and blood still dripping out from the edges. Wanting to make sure the job is done right, he un-weaves the soaked bandages setting them aside for later. He then removes a bottle of alcohol and a medical issue bandage one of his rescuers gave him soaks the bandage with the tincture. 

Biting his bottom lip through the pain, going so far as to draw blood, Mickey tries to quickly finish wrapping the bandage, hoping that once he's done the pain will ease; it didn't. When he finished with the bandage he laid down on the floor to try and rest, but upon looking to his side he noticed the radio one of the men left him and Charlotte. With feelings of anger and disappointment he reached for his radio and without changing the frequency he pushed down on the talk button and began to speak in a very weak, but annoyed tone.

"You all - *cough* You all think you're doing the right thing? That you're "protecting" one another? You're all jus- *cough* all just - *cough* You're all just enablers. You continue to protect and shelter those who are sick, those who need help. You continue to constantly feed them misinformation, keeping them ill, lying to them... to yourselves. 

Me and my people only wish to help you and the others, you've all lost yourselves to a false reality, cowering behind your fears and weaknesses. We are here to help, do not fight us on this, it will onl- *cough* only prolong your rehabilitation, and make us use more drast- *cough* drasti- *cough* more drastic measures to.. ensure... success..."

Towards the end Mickey's tone seems to drift off as if falling asleep. There is a short pause before Mickey's voice quietly enters earshot again, still sounding annoyed yet extremely tired.

"I would like to address the Dean of Alcyone herself, Alys- *cough* Alyssa Morg- *cough cough* Alyssa. You act as if you didn't want pointless violence and yet you do nothing to stop me and Charlotte being taken, have me be humiliated, knocked out, and even shot! You also allowed those men to remind Charlotte of her traumatic spousal abuse, and you all say I'm the "messed up" one? 

Well Alyssa, I hope you understand that this is putting your rehabilitation into immediate effect. I wonder how much you care for your students and staff? What will you do if one by one they suddenly start going away, never to follow you again? How much do you wish to keep enabling all their behavior, keeping them sick? Well, it's no longer in your hands, the blood and tears shed from within them will all be on you. We will make sure they understand the real you, and that all the - *cough* all the emotions they feel during this time could have been prevented by you. 

We will no longer sit idly by and allow you, along with all the other enablers have your way with these people. The Eye.. is.. always.. watch..i..n..g..."

No longer able to keep his consciousness, Mickey passes out in the middle of speaking and the transmission ends with an eerie silence, before fading to static.

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*Ivan listens to the frequency with a blank face, remaining completely still. Once the words stop, Ivan listens to static for a long time. Two minutes pass. Then ten. Soon an hour passes, yet Ivan remains still, considering what he had heard. Eventually he presses down on the talk button. He taps his fingers against the side of the radio for a few seconds, before speaking*

"I think its time we had a talk.... A proper talk. You know where to find me."

*Ivan clicks off his radio and then removes the batteries, stuffing them into his pocket.*

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*Reiner sitting on a hilltop listening to the man's voice , calmly replies after listening to his rant*

Hello Mickey, that was quite the speech.  Though it does possess a great deal of inaccurate facts.  Please explain to me how drinking people's blood like a vampire and harassing children makes you a hero?  Today's events happened because you broke an agreement, you said you would never try to take people's blood or touch children and I happened to stumble upon you with multiple blood bags, 1/2 of which were filled and sources that have told me they've seen you attacking children, preying on the weak yes?  

Also Mr. Mickey, I was the one responsible for reminding your comrade of past pleasantries. You say you wish to see behavior being tested, well an experiment goes both ways.  Mickey, your a man that possesses such a passion, such an inspiration that if used correctly you could be such an asset to humanity.  Instead you try to assault people with disabilities believing they need to be cured, quite a shame.  

Your threats fall on dead ears, at least to me, while as exciting it is mere noise.  

Perhaps...you are the one that needs a reality check...I do wish we could find a doctor to assist you.

Also, when making a declaration or threat of sorts, its usually not a smart idea to not do so on the radio Mr. Mickey "Mike" Jonas where your threats to assault an innocent women show the type of man you really are.  Threatening over a frequency does not prove to anyone anything, especially a threat against Alyssa.  Mr. Mickey, you and I ... I think we have a great deal in common, I can honestly say I look forward to our next encounter and your experiment.  Looking at your failures gives me ideas in order to succeed.  I am ashamed that you choose to use your passion to fuel your insanity, your no better then the beasts that roam Zagoria.  You can watch with your eyes, I do not see harm in watching, its merely a test to pass time. Please, continue to watch

However, I assume the Mistress of Time will allow us to meet again.  I look forward to our next encounter, Mickey Jonas.  By all means, if you wish to speak to the dean, you will most likely have to make an appointment as she is a busy lady.  Perhaps we could direct you on the method of communication to use?

*Static Cuts Out*

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*in confusion Miko grabs his radio unable to piece together what is happening*

M-Mickey? are you alright? w-w-wait I... *sigh*


*lets go of the button nervously holding the radio waiting for a response*

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*Romans lays in his bed and hears the transmission and picks up the radio*

Mickey...Mike...whatever you call yourself...I'm sorry that our meeting got cut short yesterday...but believe me, I'm far from done with you...

*Lays down his radio and goes back to reading Kafka's The Process*

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*Ivan clenches his fingers around the radio, trying to keep his tension in check*

Reiner.... unless Mickey comes to you, leave him to me. I already have all the preparations in place to permanently fix things, just listen to me, and everything will be fine. Trust me on this one Reiner...."

*Ivan lets go of the transmission button*

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Pixie chewed down on the dried piece of flesh, her feet bouncing jolly like as she listened to the radio until she flicked through to hear a familiar voice. He sounded in pain, her eyes narrowed and she stopped chewing. Even monsters can have a heart.

"M-Mister? Are you o-okay?"

She sat up on the wooden bench deep in the woods, she was camping for a few days but maybe not for much longer.

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Enzo drifts in and out of sleep in the tiny little house. He hears voices...

Spooked, he reaches for his Winchester with his still healing shoulder and knocks the radio over while doing so. Relieved to find the voices are coming from the radio he must have left on, he winces in pain as he isn't driven by fear and adrenaline at the moment.

Enzo picks the radio up off the ground, recognizing some names being mentioned as those affiliated with or around the campus. He isn't quite sure as he has never actually met them in person.

Enzo pushes the talk button...

"Ma, do me a favour, please. If e when you com'na shoot this place up, you make sure who you shooting first, OK? OK."

Enzo pulls the bandage back a little bit with his free hand to check out his stitch job.

"I'ma still recovering from the last bullet I pull out of my shoulder."

Enzo releases the talk button and puts the bandage back down, satisfied that it looks OK and doesn't need to be changed at the moment. He puts the radio on the low bed beside him and slowly lowers himself back down on to the mattress, carefully avoiding the loose spring that already tried stabbing him in the back.

"No only do I have to worry about the assholes, e the biters, but now the furniture too try and kill Enzo..."

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

steps into the room

Looks like I just did

What are you going to do about it?

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Rosy stared at her radio, sighing with unamusement.

"And here we go again. Another day where people are causing chaos and..."

She shakes her hand, taking the warmed up beings in a tin wrapped with a thick t-shirt so she didn't burn her hands and began eating her meal. She swallowed the hot food before speaking.

"I hope all of you at Alycone are ok..."

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The radio flickered to life as Fortune spoke into it with a hint of Chinese accent but well spoken English in an eerie tone

So many issues..

So many fucked ups...

Somehow.. Some where.. 

you people still believe you're entitled to shit..

look around you..

You think the human rights still exist?

You think the land still have morals?

It's been mortality over morality my friend...

It had been since the beginning.. 

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Still being half asleep when the annoying voices start to slow in their threatening words, Mickey rolls over on his right side trying to ignore whatever is making such a racket. He is quickly and painfully awoken by a sudden stabbing sensation in the right side of his chest, instantly wincing and moving his left arm to cradle his wound. He then begins to hear the voice of Alyssa slowly come into earshot behind him. Startled, he quickly and painfully rolls over to see the source of her voice and lets out a sharp, wounded cry when he realizes it's just the radio.

He assumed all those upset voices were just in his dream, but he slowly began to remember bits and pieces of his little speech over the radio before he passed out. All the voices yelling at him weren't a fabrication made up during Mickey's dream state, they were real and so were the emotions behind the words. Still holding the right side of his chest, Mickey reached out for the radio with his right hand. Taking every bit of energy within himself to fight through the pain and just barely reach the radio, he is finally able to have it within his grasp and breaths a sigh of relief once he leans back up against the wall. With Alyssa's small rant seemingly over, Mickey wastes no time in hitting the transmit button.

"Ah, geez, can't a guy get a little peace and quiet when he's sleeping? Although your rudeness shouldn't come as a surprise to me, I do need my beauty sleep, you know? Look, we can all sit here and make idle threats all day and all we're doing is going around in circles. The fact of the matter is most of you out there are lying to yourselves, controlled by your fears and weaknesses or enabling this behavior in others; you need help and we're the only ones who can help you; do not fight us on... thi-"

A loud yawn can be heard over the radio, followed by a small almost inaudible moan of pain.

"Geez this still really hurts. Although, I suppose I should keep this pain as a reminder; a reminder of the person who pretended to be on my side but ultimately failed to do anything. Alyssa, you can dress it up any way you'd wish, the fact of the matter is you still took part in what happened, and allowed the events that unfolded to take place. I NEVER want your assistance, nor your pity. 

All I want from you is for you to feel the emotions of loss and despair as we take your students and faculty from you one by one and revert them to their true selves. I'm sure a few will even call out your name in a desperate plea of help. But what happens when you don't come? When they realize that you aren't really the kind caring individual you strive so much to be. 

No, you're just another enabler and you are indeed scared. Scared of when the queen of enablers is kneeling beside her throne, the gun in your hand pressed against your temple. Thinking back to all those you could have helped, those you've kept sick and yet allowed and enabled their destructive behavior. Right before you pull the trigger, you'll look up and see me standing before you, offering my hand in assistance; the question is, will you accept? I guess we'll get that answer when the time comes.

This is the part where I'd normally have myself a laugh, but I'm in far too much pain at the moment so, thank you for taking that from me. Now if you'll excuse me I have a meeting to attend."

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