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[common frequency] Kidnapped Nora

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*John turns on the radio*

Hello there lovely wolves..

Im back with a good friend of yours.. say hello Nora..

*You can hear Nora crying on the background*

Oh wait.. haha..

You wolves are really stupid.. leaving Nora alone again..

First of all I want a sorry from all the people who said they were gonna kill or Hurt me..


*You can hear a chair fall over*

For fuck sake Nora sit fucking still..

*John walks over to Nora and puts the chair back up, helps her up and trows her on the chair. Then you hear the sound of a flat hand hitting a cheak and John saying: Further instructions will Come later.. and for you Nora.. no food today

*sits down and Waits for a responds*

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*Tosha was in the middle of biting down on the radio's antenna as she was at the same time, turning the frequency knob. She was in a new area and had to mess with the radio to actually get it to start connecting to certain frequencies. She was met with an unpleasant surprise as the radio sputtered to life and force her to jump a bit. She let out a sigh, shaking her head. Man... you just made a grave mistake. She'd think to her self as she listened to the broadcast. Poor, poor Nora. Be well.*

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Fortune looked at the man tied to a chair, a knife in his knee and a blade in between his lips, blood covers his face and bruises covered his body. 

"Please... I told you everything you want"

Fortune looked at him and took a knife from his boots..

"You know my son... Fortune is controversial, and well... Today... Lady Fortune dont look too well on you"

Fortune reaches for his radio, as he pressed the transmission he put on his Reaper voice, a tint of Chinese accent while sounding weirdly calm.

You kidnapped her... 

My dear Nora... Hmmm...

Karma is a bitch sometimes aint it?

Hehehe... Orders are orders but I'll make an exception....

Nora... Nora... Little wolf.. little cub... 

*a muffle struggle is heard in the background*

Broadcasting this was a bad mistake my dear...

The wolves are now on the hunt....

But then again... Sometimes the haunted becomes the hunter...

Becareful my dear... Try not to kill her when I get there...

*The radio goes silent for a moment before a gunshot was heard*

Nighty Night Nora.. And well... To Mr Kidnapper, Wolves are nothing but well trained dogs, but those who kidnap dogs... well...

They deserve the worst...

Fortune places down his radio and looked at the bloody mess he made from the man's body, and sigh..

"Like Mr Russkie always say, same shit, different day."

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Funny how you still put threats on me..

U forget one little thing..


*lays down the radio again*

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*Andy picks up his radio in confusion after hearing the man*

"Hey there, I just have one question, I don't know Nora that well... But... Why would you want to take a girl who can't even speak, and will probably... never do... Well, any harm to you?"

*Andy curiously puts his radio down and hopes for a reply*

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Fortune chuckles a little as he listen to the replies, the body was cleanly disposed off and no traces of it was found in the vicinity other than the blood stain and the chair.

Funny how you think I care if she comes out alive or not...

You see my dear, I simply do not care if a dog dies... As long as the kidnapper of the dog..

Dies with her

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*while Jason is taking a rest he hears the familiar voice on the radio he replies the following*

YOU SADISTIC FUCK! ....Thats a young girl..

I will fucking BREAK YOU! for all those people you hurted!

you forgot who you're fucking with pall......you just crossed the WRONG FUCKING LINE!

*jason stops the tranmsission and heads out to look for Nora he says to himself*

I need to find Nora before she gets  Hurt,Killed....or worse.

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*The Good Warden had finally pieced together his AKM. He had just commented to one of the passing Sentries about how the evening was almost uneventful when his radio barks out some drama at a late hour in the night. He listens in for a few minutes before grabbing his microphone which rested on the top of his radio transmitter.*

"Well... I don't know whom this Nora is, or what her importance is, but I can tell you that she is the only person preventing these people from killing you. If you killed her, sure whoever she belongs to would be infuriated and or devistated, but that wouldn't do you too much good, now wouldn't it? You'd have thrown your only card out of the deck. Nothing will stop them from hunting you. To be honest, nothing will stop them from trying to kill you once you've released this Nora after your demands are met, either. 

 I never understood why people kidnap and hold ransom. All you're doing is making more enemies in the long run. Oh well, I'm not involved, so... Good luck to both sides, I suppose, and good night." 

*He sets the microphone back on top of his radio, and flips the switch off. He was exhausted, and intended to get a good night's sleep tonight. He staggers up from his leather chair and drags himself down the hall in the Officer Barracks into his private chamber. His door closes, and he collapses in his bed, soon asleep.* 

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Thaddeus sat in the woods scanning channels like he usually does.  He was cleaning his weapon when he heard the strange man on the radio talking about Nora.  He sat up a little, Nora he had met her some time ago with her friends the wolves.  Thaddeus had even given her an fresh apple he had picked from a tree.  He lifted the radio to his lips, but lowered it again.  He had to hold himself back from running his mouth off.  He took a deep breath and suddenly his mood changed and he threw the radio against a tree smashing it.  Lucky for him he had a few extra to smash another time.

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*Mary wakes up hearing angry voices in her radio. She sits up und looks towards the sleeping richard on the other side of the room. When she realized what is going her face turns pale. She picks up her radio with shaking hands, takes a deep breath trying not to cry and starts to transmit*

*you are able to hear a quiet but calm female voice*

everyone on this frequency - this is not your business so please calm down with you sayings. You're going to harm Her even more.

Everyone else not involved in this -  I suggest you leave this frequency. If you want to help the Wolves out in this. Keep your heads & voices fucking low ... Please!

*silence for a few seconds*

Miller ... I hope you are feeling like a big boy now.

Taking ... my Girlfriend, the young woman I love ... seems like you are asking for my attention.

*silence for a few seconds*

I am listening.

Tell me - What do you want?

*The radio falls to the ground and turns off. Mary is burying her face in her Hands and starts to cry.*

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*Willem hears this over the radio, he also hears Mary and holds his tongue* 

He says to himself: "I am going to murder this person" 

*He takes out a cigarette and picks up his radio to begin the search* 

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Jamie takes out a little cardboard box out his vest. He pulls out a cigarette out and lights it. He takes a drag and exhales. 

The little boy has all the attention now. 

Jamie flicks off the radio. 

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Siniter Vain Picks up his radio and with calm but terrifying voice.

"Listen here Nora, this is Sinister Vain and I want you to chin up and remember how You, Me, David and Mary first met? Remember i promised you teddy bear.... Well I have it right here and I will give it to you when I see you again."

Sinister stay quiet for moment then proceeds to say.

"To the fucker that has taken a little girl I swore to protect you know my name and you should fear me. David feared me when I got angry and the hole UN never understood why? Well I'll tell you why you should fear me, it was in Africa, and a child had just been raped and beaten by a war lord, we were told not to harm this war lord as he was giving us a safe passage through his land. However no one expected to find that war lord hung up by his intestins later that day. Now I won't do that to you, I won't cut you, I won't shoot you, I won't even cripple you what I will do is show you why you shouldn't hurt a little girl I care for. Now I'm asking you nicely please let her go and I will not hunt you, however if you test me, if you hurt her I will find you and I will teach you the true meaning of pain. To Mary I will find Nora and I will not stay out of this, this is apart of my promise to David I will protect her until the day I die!"

Sinister puts down the radio and begins to get his torture gear out ready for if the hostage taker doesn't give Nora back.

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*John hears all the angry people and laughs*

People I asked for a sorry.. Not more threats..

Nora is gonna pay for what YOU SAID.

*walks over to Nora with the radio in his hands, then you hear Nora crying louder while you hear a fist hitting her face multiple times. (Suddenly its silent)*

She is knocked out now.. I hope you People think next time you talk to me on the radio like that..

Mary the game just started? 

what about you tell me more about Nora.. and more about the wolves..

Watch out Which words you use people.. The next thing will be more then only hitting..

*Lays down the radio to wait for a responds.. He kisses Nora on her forehead and says: its gonna be fine*

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*Sinister Vain picks up his radio*

"Sir I apologise for scaring you, however is it really nessessary that you hurt an innocent little girl? You see without further adding insult to your pride but doesn't that make you a child beating piece of scum. I hope you have a painful death and a pleasent day. Warm regards ......"

*Sinister pauses*

"Warm regards from the man that will kill you, Sinister Vain. P.S. I do apologise for scaring you .... I'm sorry I didn't catch your name sir Mr what was it?"

*Sinister puts the radio down and tear comes to his eye knowing that Nora is with the sick fuck*

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*Mary ignores Vains sayings on the radio frequency and starts  to transmit*


Why dont you just ask me face to face. We met once - and I'm pretty sure I did not appear any hostile towards you.

What do you want to know. The Wolves are my self picked family. And Nora is the person I love.

*Mary takes a deep breath*

  If you want to call it a game : why dont you choose me as a player but her?

Tell me what you want.

*Mary turns off the radio and looks sad at the last note Nora dropped before she ran away after they had a fight*

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*static is heard before a voice filled with thunder ills the frequency*


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*hears Mary talking and thinks about what she said, he looks at Nora who sleeps because she got tired of crying, John whispers*


How can I be sure that you wont bring any friends with you?

I hear that you are sad... Im not mad at you.. I know you want to kill and torture me and I understand.. 


*You can hear Nora crying on the background*

NORA SH... Please be quiet..

But tell me more about Nora.. Please. .

*Lays down the radio and Waits for a responds Suddenly he hears the man raging*

You stupid fucking animal...

*A gunshot could be heared*

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*Richard pick's up his Radio in a slight anger*

Can everyone please stop insulting and threatening Miller because he has already stated that if he keeps getting insults and threats he will hurt Nora, So if your not going to say anything that can help this situation then please shut the fuck up!

*Collects himself and places his radio back into his Pack*

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*hearing all of this mary rushes to her radio and turns it on*

*Mary shouts*

Chief ! I know you care but this will get her killed! Stop!

*She takes a deep breath and tries to talk in a normal way not showing that she is afraid*


I hope you did not do that. 

*Marys hands shake but she manages to sound calm*  

Why would you risk to end this game so quick?

You seem like a smart guy. And of course now that you decided to take someone of my family ... I do regret what I said before.

Now tell me ...

why would I show up with all of my friends? 

I would be able to take your life , knowing Nora is locked somewhere in this shithole and dies of starvation?

I would not take that risk.

So  again everyone on this frequency caring for Nora. Please stop threatening.


If you are not mad at me why would you choose this way of communication?

And how come you are so interested in Nora?

*Mary turns off her Radio. She has not been sleeping since Nora disappeared. She sits on a campfire holding her radio in her hands, staring at it.*

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*After hearing all the ranting and raging, Kara sighed deeply and picked up her radio - her voice is monotone, with clear signs that she's holding back something*

'Right, now for one I don't think arguing is going to solve anything here. Nora is a friend of mine, and frankly Mr Miller, is it? You are in a rather dire position in which you can not act in either one way or the other - You can either kill or hurt Nora more - which will result in nothing but your own demise. Or you can let her go and pray, or beg for forgiveness and mercy from her friends, which is unlikely given the circumstances. Now, to be honest - you cannot have just shot Nora like that - too cold, too fast and it will do nothing but enrage everyone more to your actions and would lead to your own demise as a result. I may take people for many things Mr Miller - but never would I have encountered a person as blatantly suicidal. I propose negotiation involving a mediator - one of which ends in the two parties peacefully parting ways with what they want fulfilled. Believe me, I don't want anyone else to die in this godforsaken apocalypse, especially not one of my friends. Throwing threats, insults and other toxic shit over the airwaves solves nothing - so I kindly ask everyone with that in mind to button it for a time - like my Ma' used to say - 'If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say it at all'. Now then - how shall we proceed?'

*Kara briefly pauses to catch her breath, her hands trembling around her Radio*

'Okay, now first - let's see where we have some common ground. Right, Mr Miller it sounds like you don't want to hurt Nora, and frankly I have no doubt in my mind that her friends want the same. Let's build on that, shall we? Tell each other what you want and try and find ways to resolve this without bloodshed or hatred.

*The airwaves go silent for a few seconds, before you hear low murmuring*

'Nobody else needs to die...'

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*John stares at the bullet hole in the wall you can hear Nora sniffing*

No indeed.. I did not kill or even hit her*

I already said it once but I give another warning.. dont put threats on me.. Nora will get Hurt really bad if you continue..

Mary.. my dear. .

I can tell you that Nora is fine.. I got cans of food here and water.. Also she has her own bed..

But u didn't answered my questions yet.. tell me more about Nora and the wolves.. and also I didn't hear anyone saying sorry.. Jaimy?.. Jason?

*Lays down the radio and looks at Nora while she fell asleep.. He waits for Mary's responds..*

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Jamie exhales deeply. He'd been listening to the broadcast for some time now, choosing not to reply. He holds his anger in and very reluctantly holds down the transmitter..

Mr Miller... I'm not quite sure what you want from us. Perhaps you're wanting us to experience the pain you have been through? When we first met you, we was nice to you. We even offered for you to come with us. 

Jamie inhales and exhales deeply.

If you want me to... apologize.. then tell me what I am apologizing for.. I don't believe we have done anything.. I have done anything.. towards you. 

He pulls out his box and lights another cigarette and takes a drag. He sits there for a while with the radio still on.

I've never begged to anyone Mr Miller. 

He picks up his Crossbow and lets go of the transmitter. 

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*Dick Sharpe picks up his radio and says to Miller.*

"Mr Miller, if you wish to play a game, why not take me as your pawn? I am a part of the A.S.O and we are looking for you. If you meet with me, and give Nora to Mary and you take me I will hold back the A.S.O back along with anyone that would harm you. Please I owe it to both Mary and Nora to try and reason with you. Please I can tell from your transmission that you are a man of honour, are you willing to meet with Mary and I to exchange myself for Nora? I await your response."

*Dick stops and through the radio a cry can be heard before he continues*

"Mary, I suggest you and the Wolves stay hidden for a while. I can tell from the sound of your voice that you are tired and need sleep. Please go and rest you need your full strength if Mr Miller here is willing to trade myself for Nora."

*Dick puts down his radio and drinks what's left of his whiskey and remembers his 4 year old daughter being taken from him*

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*Jason hears Millers last transmission. He tries to keep as calm as possible and replys the following*

look....mr Miller i don't know what you have bin  through or why you are doing this to Nora.

But please...tell me why Nora...why always her?

I would do anything in my power to get her back even if that means saying sorry to you..

Please...give us Nora back...stop it...please!

i would swap myself with Nora only if i knew where you are ofcource..

And Nora...If you can hear this...its going to be alright.

so what i was goi....*the transmission is interupted by a very loud static and ends*

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