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White Chocolate

Unanounced Absence

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I guess this would go here? 

Hello! Well, I should say I'm Back. Not many, if any, of you even know me but I've been on a very log break due to internet problems and Just being busy with looking for a job and all. So i just wanted to say I'm back! I don't know when the next time I'll be on a server but until then. Is there anything new? New factions/gangs/groups, any new rules or things like that? I guess what should I basically know about the land of Chernarus!

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Welcome back !

There has been a slight change in the ruleset regarding Hostages so check it out  !

Cant wait to see you in game!


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-Got Whipped-

Welcome back!

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Alright! I though I heard something about that. I'll head over and check it out~

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